Happy Summer


Not planning a big ritual this weekend for the coming of Summer. Beltane was fun. looking forward to a big party on Samhain. Hope they have a witches Ball this year. Went to one in AZ one year and had a blast.

Thinking of going to Salina and working out at the Y and use the pool and hot tub. Called my friend Anne to see if she wanted to be my guest and exercise too. I miss Tara as it was nice to have a workout friend.

Every day I continue to move forward inch by inch. lol. like that ant that moved up the rubber tree plant inch by inch because he has high hopes. It brings a smile to my face, as I was thinking about a discussion we had at Euro 2004 in New Orleans. You would have to be there to understand the connection about the moving forward inch by inch to achieve success.

During meditation this morning I was thinking of how far I have come in just a few years. I still have work that I am doing to bring healing and peace into my body, mind, and spirit. I am on the final stage of working on loosing the weight and overcoming the emotional eating. I am even letting myself cry a little as the pain comes the surface this time. I am continuing the work we started in AZ.

Patience has always been a strength of mine. I let things take the time they need to grow and take root.

I am also releasing the thoughts that I know now were lies and never truth.

My mind has always sought knowledge and so I feel a whole new world is opening up and will open up for me as I let new people and ideas in life that are true.

I know people can not understand or agree with me in how I feel LOVE is the answer and not hate. I don’t hate Joe or his family. It take two to communicate in such a way as the other person can understand what you are trying to say. I am very shy and with the other issues I couldn’t say what needed to be said.


DUTY FIRST, DUTY SECOND, AND DUTY THIRD has always been my motto.

Let me ask the question out loud, How does by being angry at Joe and seeking to expose his honest mistake as being dishonorable, honorable behavior?

I know the word honest mistake makes the difference in why I view Joe’s behavior of that day the way I do and wanting us start over in talking about different topics and issues like WHITE NATIONALISM AND THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT.

We didn’t make a good impression on each other. I want another chance for both of us to talk and do the right thing and join forces to fight the coming battle that must be fought if we are going to have any real future in this nation.

What I have to say regarding these issues and getting then truth out demand that I put my duty first over personal feelings of the hurt of rejection!

I can accept the truth that Joe was never a true friend to me. You win, WN as I admit you are right that I will die if I hold my breath waiting for Joe to ride in and bring much needed resources to my fight against you.

My question how does just rolling over and allowing you to bring into reality your vision of America, is my doing my duty?

If I put duty first as I do, then I need to not let personal feeling of hurt and anger stand in the way of doing what is best in the fight against WN and others.

I am me and I will continue to seek to do the right thing.



  1. 1
    chrisy58 Says:

    One of the best songs of all time.

  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:

    In the mood for Linda. I played her records so much I wore them out and had to buy replacement records, lol.

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