Home from OH

Arrived home last night.  Glad to be back in KS.  I really like country living. 

It was fun to see OH. I was sad to say goodbye but a new chapter is starting. We both learned from each other and most important we made a real friend. 

Been working through what I learned in AZ in therapy for the PTSD and have finally been able to draw a line.  My offering Joe my hand in friendship in my letter was that line. 

I have proven I was a real friend to him. If he accepts my hand of friendship then he will have a true and loyal friend. If not then I accept he was never my friend and if he can’t see the true me and my heart of gold, then he is not worthy of my friendship offered him. 

Rejection is never fun but every single person has been rejected in their life and never bought a gun and killed people.  All people know some pain and suffering and don’t kill people.  

I know anyone would be lucky to have a friend like me. 

I have 2 more pounds to loose and then it will be 20 pounds I have lost. 

Joe may reject my friendship and refuse to talk to me about certain topics but maybe someone better reads my blog and will want to offer me the hand of friendship?



  1. 1
    chrisy58 Says:

    Feel like some Tom Petty

  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:

    I feel so free as I am healing in body,mind,and spirit.

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