To Joe Kennedy II


I know it has been very many years since we spoke, but I saw something in the news regarding you and I wanted to reach out my hand again to you in friendship. I am not angry with you, but am still your loyal friend who believes in you. I see your Celtic Warrior heart.

In the Boston Globe a challenge was made to you, which made me angry for you, not at you, lol. I feel it is very unfair and an impossible challenge for you to succeed at. At least with my challenge you have a chance to win the victory and become the hero of the day.

My mother hated you, and your family. That is putting it nicely. She used to think it was fun to abuse me over you. That last time was when you were on Bill O’Reilly defending buying oil from Venezuela. It didn’t matter I hadn’t spoken to you in years, I was still punished for daring to trust and befriend a Kennedy. I always defended you, my friend, when anyone called, and still calls you a communist.

I have always told the truth, even though it meant I would be punished by my mother and White Nationalists like Jeff.

I read the challenge to you about demanding Venezuela release political prisoners and about human rights that are being violated. There are human rights being violated in this country which very little compassion is shown to the victims who pay the price everyday for standing up and fighting evil and hate. We have political prisoners in our own nation.

I would hope you would have compassion in your heart for Americans who are having or had their human rights violated by White Nationalists and the Christian Right! Don’t our human rights mean anything to the world!

I have to wonder what power the people who issued the challenge think you have over the Government of Venezuela? You are an American, unless like me, you are a dual citizen. I am American/British.

Do they really think you have that kind of Political power?

If you do have that kind of Political power, then I humbly ask again to please help me. Remember that day in the barn. We need to have a heart to heart as friends and seek to do the right thing for both of us. I want you to be happy. We need to sort things out so we both can move on. I would hope you want good things for me as I do for you. That is what real friends do for each other.

Yes, I am a Political girl. I am who I am.

I hope that this plea will reach your heart and you will come and talk to me. We might be a small town of about 300 people, but we laugh and have a great time.

Happy Memorial Day.



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    Going to go out with some friends for brunch

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    chrisy58 Says:

    Love the Stones

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