Listening to Celtic Women and exercising. It is a change of life style for me and not a diet. I tell myself that the choices I make now effect how I look tomorrow.

Thinking about love. When I love someone I tend to put what is best for them over what is best for me. I am always willing to sacrifice myself for what is best for the man. Was raised old fashion. I wonder if there is someone who wants a woman like me who he will treasure and see my good heart and understand me.

Someday I will make it back to the homeland of the British Isles.

Today is Primary Day, in some States. I may start commenting on politics again. I am starting to watch a few shows on free speech tv. I don’t really like the American System as much as the British. I am more excited about the British and Scottish Elections. I have wanted to renounce my American Citizenship and be a British Subject since 1972 (14 years ). At 14 when the American Government under Nixion refused to help my dad when he was in danger and the British Government saved his life and brought him safe to me.

I am trying to love my American side more. I loved MA when I was young and my dad was alive. It was my safe place from my mom at one time. That was changed forever because of what happen in Marshfield. Hoping that someday old friends from MA finally realize the truth that I am not an evil person who is the one who lied to them. I have only wanted the truth to come out about the hell that White Nationalism and the Christian Right put those who are different then them through. And the right thing be done and we join forces to fight the common enemy, as 2 people who took an oath to defend this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. To come together and as Celtic Warriors and hopefully it is not to late to win the battle that someday must be fought for the soul of this nation.

People from both the left and right can united and fight together on common issues.

I want to love and respect America like I did under President John F. Kennedy! But until I can respect the American Political Leaders today, that will never happen!!!

I know the RIGHT will hate what I have to say. Know the LEFT will not like having to face the truth and eat some humble pie, for their failure to protect the American people.

I know that I will be ok. I am open to fate and destiny. If I am meant to stay in America I will meet a political man who falls in love with me and wants me as his forever woman.
If I am meant to go the UK the opportunity will open up. I will have no red tape in getting my British Passport. Then I hope to meet a political minded Brit who would love a political gal like me.

I have lost 10 lbs so far in 3 weeks. People are starting to look at me in a sexy way when out. It is safe for me to be thin and I don’t need to use weight to protect me from dirty old men who like little girls. I am strong and can fight back.

Wicca has been really healing for me.


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