Watching a Bon Jovi concert on tv


Started an exercise routine and tomorrow going to try yoga for the first time. I hear that it helps balance and has other health benefits. Took 2 walks today. I tell myself the choice I make today determines the results.

Wicca really has been healing for me.

Been thinking of Full moon ritual. I am thinking of doing it for peace and not having another war break out. Beltane was for healing of the environment. Wicca is all about doing what is best for the earth and a nature religion.

I feel so lucky and blessed to live in the country.

Where I live I have free speech tv, which I have started to watch. I find it very educational. I gave up on all other news info channels because I don’t inform me as well as free speech tv. Educating the mind as always been very important to me. I am self taught.

I am now working on all three parts of body, mind, and spirit.

Getting tired. Sweet dreams!


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