A busy day ahead


Tonight we are doing a ritual for Beltane and the healing of the Gulf of Mexico which is still in very bad shape because of the BP oil spill. we have to get everything needed. I will miss my friend from Ohio who goes home next week. The pipeline her husband is working on is almost over. She is Wicca too and it is great having someone around who understands I was born with special gifts that most people do not understand or accept. I am glad children today are not made to feel that they are evil and going to hell because of being born Wiccan and having a gift that brings help to people.

I am healing and personal transformation is my focus for now.

I am playing my drum more in public and jamming with people. Glad tone getting into my music again.

When the pipeline is finished and all the workers and their families go somewhere else, it is going to be bad for our town of about 300. They have brought money into the area. If we could get the right mayor who had vision, passion, and resources we could start to see the rebuilding of the community in a more green model. I bought a book for my nephew, that I will send him for his birthday that talks about the town in KS that was destroyed by a very bad tornado and has been rebuilt as a green town. Very interesting place.

Well it is time to start living the day. Have a great day.



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    Starting the day with Bon Jovi

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