My Thoughts Part 2


Last night as I was reading the intro to the David Irving book, I thought how sad that some people are afraid of his books.  I have listen to David Irving speak in person when I lived in Phoenix.  He is not pro nazi, but is a Hstorian and is trying to help people understand WHY.

Today, so many people are afraid of the truth and would try and silence anyone who speaks a truth that is not pretty to look at.  How are future generations going to learn from History if we hide or deny a part of History?  It is my reading the journals of the nazi leaders themselves that we might be able to someday answer the question of WHY.

I agree with a Jewish man who wrote David Irving a letter that he put in the intro of his Goebbels book:

” I am a Jew whose parents lost their famialies in the Holocaust.  I grew up in Israel among Holocaust survivors.  Since I was a child, I have read every book I could find on Nazi Germany.  I have tried to understand why and how the Germans came to carry out their plan for exterminating the Jews.

I have read all of Mr. Irving’s excellent books.  He is no apologist for Adolf Hitler.  His words record the exterminbation of the Jews and provide evidence of Hitler’s direct involvement.  Mr. Irving is not anti semite, nor is he a supporter of Hitler or Nazi Germany.  His books more then any others I have read, help explain what happen in Germany.

If we are to prevent future exterminations, we have to eradicate hate.  The process musst start with free speech anad the ability to discuss openly all aspects of history and express all viewpoints.  Mr Irving through his writing has mnade a larege contribution towward preventing future Holocausts.”

White Nationalists like to deny that the Holocaust happen and make excuses of why it was ok for Nazi Germany to treat Jews the way they did.  I have listen the the proof that they say proves that the muirder of 6 milllion Jews didn’t happen.

Though if one is researching this topic with an open mind and heart, they have to come to the conclusion that the Holocaust happen.  The reports of the  mass shootings in the beginning to the mass gassings after 1941 did happen.  The accounts from many different sources of how the Jewish people were treated and imurdered can’t be denied.  There are pictures and films taken by Nazis themselves who did the killing.  I am not going to decribe the gory details.  The truth is that the Holoacust did haqppen,.

Not all German soldiers supported this as I have read an acccount about a German soldier helping Jews escape, and when it was found out that he had saved lives instead of take the lives of Jews, waas murdered.  Catholic priests who spoke out were sennt to concentration camps where they died.  

Growing up I thought I was 1/8 German as my great grandfather on my mother’s side was from Germany.  My mom just assumed we were German.  I looked at the Holocaust from the perspective of a German.  I admired Germans like Bonhoeffer who was a Luthern Pastor who died at the hands of the Nazi’s.  I have used his quote that those who remain silent in times of evil are part of the evil, as a cornerstone of why I fight the way I do.

Now in 2014 because of the wonder of DNA testsing, I now know I have zero German blood flowing in my veins but am 1% European Jew.  I now have to look at things from the perspective that if I was alive during Hitler’s Germany I would have been rounded up because of that Jewish blood running through my veins.  To some White Natitonalists that one drop of Jewish blood makes me a Jew.

Am i Jewish?  I guess that is a question I will be searching.  

Can one still be Jewish and believe in Christ?  

I don’t know much about the Jewish faith or culture as I didn’t know I was 1% Eurpean Jew before.

I am goiong to learn because it is part of who I am.  It is in my DNA as much as my British/Irish DNA.  It may only be 1% of my DNA but there is enough there to show up on my DNA test through

I know God has a purpose and plan for my life.  There is a reason that he waited until this years to reveal to me my Jewish side.  There is a reason why I believed the White Nationalist LIES.  God will weave everything together for the greater good.  I just have to trust in God.  He is working and I feel God’s hand upon me.

going to watch the Games as speed skating is on now.



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    chrisy58 Says:

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    chrisy58 Says:

    God is going to show me where I belong and I am blessed in having true friends who love me and never judge me for my mistakes as I don’t judge them.

    Some of them live in another state but the love and friendship are still there and always will be.

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