We had the Memorial Service


Yesterday went off without any problems which makes me happy.

people were protesting Obama yesterday outside the gate.  From their signs they were the Progressives. I made the comment to my sister I would have joined them, but I was on good behavior,lol.  I liked the one about drones kill.  They even had some that listed the lies he made to the left in this nation.  I am sure they would have allowed me to join their protest, even though I am more Conservative than they are.

what would my sign say?

that would be fun deciding and making my sign.

the service for my mom was nice and the message from the Priest was good.  We even saw a small rainbow.  Afterward we gathered at the house.  I suggested we give some of the food to the secret service at the gate, which we did.

i may not like Obama, because of his LIES, but the people at the gate didn’t lie and are just working hard and are away from their loved ones this Christmas Season.  

I still think Obama is a Scrooge for not giving those who live here and have to deal with all that goes with having him here a small gift.  One of the neighbors here agreed with me.  Even if it was a bottle of wine it would make people who live here feel like Obama cares, about the upheaval he is causing when he comes here.  It would have been the classy thing to do, but as we concluded Obama does not have class and his wife, who should be his helpmate in regards to the social graces, doesn’t know or care.

Going to the beach today, but only part of it as Obama has some of the private beach closed off. 

I leave tonight so this will be my last journal entry from Hawaii.

love and blessings to all from sunny Hawaii.


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