Good Morning from Hawaii


Kobe and I are having a great visit. He is a Golden and 13 years old now. He is a great dog. Am a major animal lover and always have been and always will be.

We had fun last night. Think I might try and hit the beach today…. Heard the sirins this morning but I wasn’t going to get out of bed to see what they were for. Maybe someone tried to gain unlawful entry through one of the guard gates, lol. One has to find humor because one has to deal with the headaches of having Obama in the neighborhood. Still he he is a Scrooge for not even sending the neighbors that have to deal with the added headache of having him here some small Christmas gift. It is only the right and classy thing to do. Obama really has no class.

Cameron’s twin Uncles, Chris’s brothers, were in Obama’s class. The class of 1979 at Punahau. They knew him and went to each other Parties. They haven’t spoken to Obama in years. I would have been the class of 1976 but I had to leave high school and get a GED in 1974 at age 16. So I didn’t have the nice high school experience that they had. There will be no high school or college reunion for me. It is a Black family tradition to go to Punahau which is one of the top schools in the nation.

I am up early so I am going to see if anyone is up yet.

Have a great day. Love and Blessings to all, even Obama…


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