Made it to Bonner Springs safe


Arrived last night as we are supposed to get snow today, so I came yesterday instead of today.  Leave out of Kansas City tomorrow for Hawaii.  Spending Christmas with my family.  Wonder if I will see the first family as they rent a house in my sister’s neighborhood.

if I do see him, I will be civil and hold my tongue.  I will be the lady I was raised to be and not bring shame to my family.  Being civil does not mean I like, respect or approve of Obama’s lies or actions.  It just means I will act according to what is proper in society.  I remember in 6th grade having to go to etiquette class with other boys and girls to start preparing us for our coming out parties at 18.  I didn’t do it as I was to rebellious at the time.  We can’t change our past, but learn from it.  



To my Wiccan Pagan friends I want to wish a very merry Yule.


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