Getting ready to go to Hawaii


Hope everyone is getting ready for Yule and Christmas. Have all my shopping done. Have been to some social affairs.

Was invited to join a quilting group which I might do. Have my swimming at the Y that I enjoy. I want to sing and play music again. If we got some real snow here I would like to try cross country skiing on the nature trails near me.

I am just enjoying life and enjoying the peace and healing to my soul, and am finding the peace and healing I needed. I am even finding healing for my Christian side. I found a Jane Austin devotional book that I am being blessed with. I also am enjoying reading a book called the history of English Magic.

I took an DNA test through that will tell me my ethnic groups. It will be interesting to see what the results are. I read an article today about the Irish and our DNA. It talked about how the Irish have some of the same DNA as people from Northern Spain. I always thought the Irish and Scottish were Celtic.

There is a lot I could say about Politics, but I will be silent and just focus on my healing,as I want to continue on my path of healing. A big part of my recovery is letting go of my righteous anger. I had very valid reasons for getting angry as a little girl. I am a woman now and I can move forward and not remain stuck in my self destructive patterns because I am angry.

I had a dream about my old friend in MA last night and his brother. It is always the same dream of him finally finding the courage to talk to me and we sort out all the lies,misunderstanding, and misjudgment on both our sides. We make peace and he goes his way and I go my way and because we faced each other we became better people. I will always be his friend and someday I hope he proves to me that he is my friend too. I will continue to protect him and watch his back. I wish he felt the same way about being my friend as I do about being his friend.

Joe my Christmas wish is the same this year as last year. I know you have greatness inside of you. You have courage. I pray some day you will do the right thing and talk to me and give me a chance to defend myself as I have always tried to give you the chance to defend yourself from the lies and half truths told to me about you and your family. Joe of all the people I knew in MA you should have been the one to understand the truth, that not everything written or told about you is true. Sometimes you have to dig deep for the truth.

Love and blessings to all.


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