Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving


Had a good day with extended family.  We watched football and had a wonderful dinner.

I have always loved this time of year.

I feel sad when I see stores open on Thanksgiving and force people to work on the holiday. Everything is so commercial now. It seems like people only care about buying more stuff on sale, then spending the day with family and friends.

Even here in Salina we had stores open and the mindset was on material things and not the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Those who read my blog know I am related to Sarah Buell Hale, who was considered the mother of Thanksgiving because she spent a lot of time and energy pushing for Thanksgiving to be a National Holiday with President Lincoln and other people in Government.

I think as a nation we loose when we put buying more stuff before taking the day off from work and enjoying the day with family and friends who because they live far away you only see each other at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I think as a nation we loose when we forget the reason we honor a National Holiday and that day becomes just another shopping day, and people fight each other to save a few dollars.

I think as a nation we loose when we can even remember the true reason for Thanksgiving. It wasn’t to be the first one in the store, but to remember and give Thanks for the blessings given us.

For me I am Thankful that for my books and all the other tools I use to learn and gain knowledge. I have always been self taught, as I didn’t do well in school. They didn’t understand me and misjudged and label me falsely and lied about me. Thomas Edison also was one who didn’t do well in school. Maybe us creative children who don’t fit in the square peg like all the other children because we are round, have always and will suffer in schools by the hands of teachers who don’t understand or want to understand the child they are teaching and working with.

For me the biggest betrayal by the American school system was when I went to the office to report a fellow student holding a knife to my throat and dragging me into the bushes, and they said I deserved it and refused to call the police. I walked out and told them I would never come back to school again. They said I was to young to drop out and I said just watch me as I walked out the door.

My father didn’t force me to go back to school. They made special arrangements and I was allowed to take and get my GED a few years early.

I love to read and knew that just because I wasn’t in the school building doesn’t mean I stop educating myself. If their was a subject I wanted to learn about read about it. So I love and am grateful for books. I like real books that I can hold and put in my library to read again and again. Online books I worry that I could loose them if you loose or break the device.

The Internet can be a great learning tool too.

Visiting Historical sites is also a great leaning tool that I have used in my own life.

I think it is important that each one of us make the choice to not be part of this Black Friday or shopping on Thanksgiving madness.


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