Thinking about an old friend


Getting ready for Halloween so chose this picture.

The old friend I am thinking about just had a birthday not to long ago, so he is a year older and I hope wiser, lol.

I do hope that some day there will be a way for us to talk face to face and one on one, someday. Both of us really listening to the other with an open mind. That we talk to each other and not at each other. I don’t want us yelling at each other and taking our passionate anger out on each other. I don’t want us to keep playing the anger tapes at each other, but move forward into being true and loyal friends to each other.

I want us to both move forward on the path toward peace and leave the path of war behind. I strive for harmony and balance between us. It is weird but he is Libra which is represented by the scales that represent balance.

As long as I live and even beyond the grave I will be striving for peace with this old friend from Boston.

I am no longer angry at him for that day in the barn.

I am trying to move forward and open my heart to new friends and adventures, lol there is one guy who I am getting to know. He works in the same place as my friend Anne. There just doesn’t seem like there is any chemistry, at least on my side.

I don’t think I will ever give up the dream of reconciliation of my old friendship and the hope we can both finally be true friends to each other. A true friend who loves and accepts us as we are is a rare Jewell that should be treasured and kept close to the heart.

Joe if you read this please talk to me..


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    Gar. Says:

    Hey there

    Well its been a while since I last dropped in here, not sure what I said prior. Went to Scotland but wasnt as expected. Settled in east riding of yorkshire, small village 3000 people max. All is going well and everybody safe.


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