Tomorrow is the Scottish/Irish Games


I am so excited about going to the Celtic Games tomorrow and hocking up with my Clan. I am meeting one of my friends and her granddaughters tomorrow. Know they are going to enjoy them, as they have never been before. It will be interesting to see what they like the best.

Planning on taking Benji with me. He loved the Scottish Games in Phoenix.

Will take pictures and post the best.

Have been fighting a cold this week, but I am not going to let a cold stop me from enjoying my Celtic Games.

This is one of my favorite time of year. Love to see the pumpkins and Fall decorations. The pumpkin patch opens 1 oct so it will be fun to take the girls on the hay ride and pick out their pumpkins.

I am not angry anymore! That is a big step forward. My treatment for the PTSD really helped me moved forward free from the chains that were holding me back. I don’t mean literal chains, but the chains one can’t see. It is the writer in me that try’s to paint a picture with words. I think that my use of certain words leads to misunderstanding and my being accused of lying and not telling the truth, because they don’t see physical chains on my feet. They don’t understand the writer’s soul inside of me.

I still have a few issues to work out, but I believe in time I will. Just being in the country is healing for me and being able to spend time in nature. Being in nature can be very healing for the soul.

I hope that my blog helped someone else who was fighting the same demons as I was inspired them to get help too. Just to make myself clear so my words are not twisted and distorted by those who want to find faults with me, that I am not talking about fighting literal demons, but the writer in me used that as a metaphor for feelings that I feel.

Well goodnight


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