I feel bad for an old friend’s brother tonight


It is with sadness I post my thoughts tonight. I wish my old friend and his family would finally realize I have always been a true and loyal friend to Joe, Michael, and the rest of the family. I am a rare Jewell that should be treasured and not treated with the contempt they treat me with.

When most people write a journal, unless it is an online journal like this, they don’t expect the whole world reading parts of it and then passing harsh judgment and making nasty dirty comments about what is written in the journal!

I have 2 journals my online that is public and my personal one. So on my online journal I expect that people might make comments.

All of us have areas in our lives that we struggle with. I posted my struggle with PTSD and overcoming the effects of child sexual abuse. I chose to make my treatment journal public because I wanted to inspire young women to seek treatment themselves.

Bobby didn’t seek to make his private journal public to the world.

To all those who have made nasty comments about this man and think it is one big JOKE, I say are you perfect and without any sin in your life that you struggle with?

I have been so harshly judged in this life I try not to judge anyone without TALKING to them first and give them a fair hearing by listening to them with an open mind.

Anyway I just wanted to reach out to this person and offer the hand of friendship. We all need a true friend in this life who understands our struggles because they too have their struggles in life they have to overcome. I won’t judge you and I ask for no judgment from you. All I have ever wanted was to be true friends to each other.

Hang in there. You are not alone.

Christine Cosser


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