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This is a picture of me, when President Kennedy was President. People who read my blog know he is my favorite President. Please don’t tell me hoe stupid I am to admire or ever trust a KENNEDY!

I have heard that my whole LIFE! If I didn’t listen to my own mother, I sure am not going to listen to White Nationalists!

I was listening to a Ring of Fire video about Obama’s War. Great video. Don’t have Internet so if you type ring of fire radio it should come up..I encourage all people who want to hear the truth on this topic to listen.

I thought the question they raised was a good one, why the rush to WAR?

I think it is because if they wait until the facts and truth come out, they know that people will oppose their action.

They are not going to use the word WAR,but anyone with half a brain cell knows our actions will lead to another WAR!

President Kennedy faced his own crisis in Oct, 1962. I was 4 1/2 year old and we were living in Playa del Rey, CA at the time. The world came very close to WAR and a nuclear WAR at that.

The generals wanted to bomb right a way. Yet President Kennedy wouldn’t allow himself to be pushed into WAR. He thought ahead and understood for every action there is a reaction. Obama does not have the wisdom of President Kennedy.

We bomb Syria and then we have to deal with the effects of that attack. Then we up the game by answering that attack and before you know it we have WWIII.

Looking at John McCain my former Senator from AZ, I feel I must issue the world an apology for voting for HIM.. Seeing him lately I am reminded of why I left the Repubican Party. He can’t even be bothered to listen to a hearing regarding going into Syria with deadly force, as he is to busy playing a game on his cell phone or iPad. He is a disgrace and should feel lucky I don’t live in Sun Lakes anymore and show up the next time he comes to Sun Lakes, as I would call him out on his actions. I am not afraid of the truth or to speak the truth. I am not afraid to listen to the truth either as McCain seems to be.

I know Obama will get the approval he needs from Congress for HIS WAR! As Congress lacks courage and the backbone needed to stand up against Obama and HIS WAR!



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