I am so happy about the birth of HRH Prince George

One of the happiest days are when babies are born.  I am very happy and wish the new Prince a wonderful life full love, laughter, and good health.

George is a wonderful name and his great great grandfather George VI was a great King and was loved by the British people.

Benji had his bath today and I joined the YMCA so I can start working out in the pool.

One of the things I have always loved about KS is the sunflowers. They are starting to bloom.

There has been another accident in the Gulf of Mexico that is becoming another environmental disaster which we are not being told the truth about by this Government and their corporate pals.

I will end with my sadness about the young woman from S Boston who was kidnapped and murdered yesterday. My thoughts are with her family and friends.

Funny how I I start my journal entry with good news and have to end with horrid news. It is not funny ha ha, but funny in the sad turn of events. I begin with the happy news of a birth and end with the sad news of a murder.

Good night


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