I wish Derick Black the best


I found this article online and wanted to show him kindness and support.  Am very proud of him for having the courage to stand up for what he believes, even though it means he will be hated by people who at one time were his friend.  

Will always remember the laughs, good conversations, and giving him an afghan I made for him one year.  Derick is a very smart young man..  I am sure he thought long and hard before choosing to leave White Nationalism behind.  

I know how close Derick and his dad are.  I also know that Don wants the best for his son and still loves him very much.  I hope that their unconditional love for each other will stay strong.  

Derick you are welcome to post here anytime and share your story.  Would love to know how you reached the place where you are today, in regards to White Nationalism..

Best Wishes



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