Looking for some Buell relatives


My sister and I are looking for the descendants of Ward Buell, who was the brother of our grandfather Bradford Buell.  Thought Malcom Buell’s daughter Becky Jo and granddaughter Melinda Foltz might be on Facebook, but so far I haven’t found them.  


Went to the Buell graves in Tescott which had the Tescott Buells. Hester lived to be 93. My mom lived to 90 so she too had a long life. Hester was my grandfather Bradford Buell’s cousin. Hester was a great writer of poems.

It is so great being back in KS. Love the country and getting out of the drama of city living and fast pace.



  1. 1
    Lois Elaine Johnson Deal Says:

    Hi Chrissy! I first saw your post about Sarah Josepha Buell Hale. I learned about her last year when tracing descendants of William Buell & found I had two paternal grandfathers with her…William & Thomas. I am the granddaughter of Edwin Deloss Buell. My mother was Ruth Ellen Buell Johnson who died when I was 15 months old, so I never knew much about the Buells except what my older brothers & sister could tell me. When I got my own computer I started looking up my grandfather’s ancestors & lo & behold found a wealth of relatives! It’s great to know about you! Happy Thanksgiving to all! Lois Johnson Deal

  2. 2
    Ruthie Buell Says:

    Hi. That’s funny the name Ruth Ellen buell Johnson
    My name is Ruth Ellen buell. And my mom’s maiden name was Johnson.

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