I am happy

I don’t have Internet yet so I am not posting as much.  Not being able to post everyday has its blessing as I have been able to take a much needed break.  It is nice living life off line..  It is helping me move forward and put the bad things behind me..

my good friend had her surgery and she seems to be recovering good.  


I read an article in the Cape Cod Times about Joe’s brothers saving a turtle. I am proud of both of them. It showed bravery and courage, which are qualities I admire in people.

Read today that the federal government group is going to be looking into their act of saving the turtle. I hope they won’t get into trouble over their deed. If they had done as the Governments wants and call the Feds and then do nothing, but wait for the Government to act, the turtle would be dead. Sometimes one must ACT now to save a life.

The verdict for the Zimmerman case is in, but I am not going to comment.

Hope everyone is having a great Summer.


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