20 June 2013


Every day I got another task done that needs to be done. Got the KS tags and got more stuff settled and organized.

Haven’t listen to this song in a long time. I loved this song and would listen to the 45 for hours at a time when I was a kid on my record player. I love early rock and roll of the 50’s and 60’s. Some great music.

I feel I must speak out about Obama and PM David Cameron funding the Syrian Rebels. They are terrorists and are not people we should be funding. I believe it is a big mistake and will come back to bite not only the United Kingdom but the United States in the behind someday….. The long term disaster of such a policy overrides any short term benefit. It is not a wise decision.

Another consideration is that the people in both the United Kingdom and the United States do not support this money going to very bad people who have no respect for human life.

It does not make me happy to say this but I believe Putin is right in regards to not wanting to fund people who eat the body parts of people who died in battle against them. Is that a policy that both the UK and the USA under PM David Cameron and Obama support and stand behind? Have we lost all since of moral character and honor?

I feel like Obama and Cameron are dragging us into another war that we can’t really win? More lives will be lost for NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would encourage you to contact your Government ( both the USA and the UK) but I can’t say I believe it will do any good as WE THE PEOPLE HAVE NO VOICE IN OUR GOVERNMENTS.

I remember watching her in the Donna Reed show. I really liked that show and really thought Mary was cool, lol.

Have a great evening.


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    chrisy58 Says:

    Loved this song too.

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