Hope people will listen to this video with an open mind


I found his thoughts very interesting and worth listening to and posting on my blog so others would be able to listen to them too. Very intelligent person and I like to hear intelligent people think and then ponder on their words and thoughts. My conclusion is that I agree with a lot of what he has to say.

What is happening in this country and around the world effects all of us, regardless of the color of our skin, our political views, our religious views and country we live in. We must find a way to stand together as ONE PEOPLE against those who prove themselves to be THE ENEMY OF THE HUMAN RACE.

I remember Malcom X and Martin Luther King and the orginal Black Panthers ( not the New Black Panthers). True I was a little girl in the 60’s, but I still remember. I agree with Larry Pinkney that both those great men would join those of us who SEE THE TRUTH ABOUT OBAMA AND THE POWER ELITE AND CHOOSE TO FIGHT THEM AND THEIR EVIL PLANS AND GOALS.

Obama has no true moral character. The question was asked if Obama is human? I think he was born human but he lost that humanity for the sake of all the power in the world. I think of the saying in the Bible about what has a man gained if he has all the power in the world but looses his soul? Instead of Obama the human being, Obama became Obama the drone man. Instead of Obama being a man of compassion for other human beings he became a man who has a KILL LIST and ENJOYS PLANNING WHAT HUMAN BEING WILL BE KILLED NEXT. So yes, Larry’s question of is Obama human is a valid question.

We must stop being divided in this country and hating others because of race, political view or party and religion. Both Democrats and Republicans have sold us down the river and it is time for all people who have the courage to tell the truth and fight against this evil to come together. It is time to leave the main two parties and form an union with intelligent people who understand and see the truth and who have the moral courage to do the right thing.

I hope Larry is right and people are waking up to the truth and the OBAMA TRANCE is broken.

Need some music.

Feel like some Chicago and Peter Cetera

Love this song. I still dream of meeting the right man for me, who will fight along side of me and be my wing person as I will be his wing person. That person who becomes a safe harbor in the storm of life. Who will fight for my honor as I fight for his honor. Who will have the moral courage to stand for truth, tell the truth and fight for the truth…. Don’t think I will ever give up the dream, even though I am 55…

Everyday I get more things done. Tomorrow I can finally go and get my KS tags. They did the vin check today.


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    chrisy58 Says:

    Needed to hear this song tonight, as I believe that my childhood heroes would want us to stand, tell and fight for the truth and have the moral courage to fight against the evil… Like Martin Luther King Jr they believed in judging a man by his moral character and not the color of his skin, political party or religion.

    One of the pictures Larry showed in his video was of Martin Luther King Jr and Bobby Kennedy ( my childhood hero)… He asked what would Malcom X and Marting Luther King say and do if they were still alive? I ask what would Bobby Kennedy say and do if he was alive and could advice our generation?

    I believe he would tell us to stand, tell and fight for TRUTH. To have the COURAGE to stand up and fight the EVIL TRYING TO DESTROY US. I believe like the thought I posted tonight he would tell us not to be the victim but to be the VICTOR.

    I know White Nationalists will call me a traitor for even listening to what this man has to say, but being called a traitor by White Nationalists is nothing new for me. I can add that to the list of all the things about me that make them unhappy with me.

    We have a duty to the next generation to stand up and FIGHT. SOMEDAY THEY ARE GOING TO ASK US WHAT WE DID AT THIS CRITICAL TIME IN HISTORY? Will we be able to say I HAD THE COURAGE TO FIGHT AND TRIED MY HARDEST TO SAVE THE FUTURE OF MANKIND? or will we have to admit that we just gave in without a fight and allowed the evil to win?

    What will you choose? Who will you choose to serve?

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