13 April 2013


Good morning.  Going to start the day with a little George Harrison.


What is life

Love the pictures in this music video.

Going to have my friend Arleen over for dinner tonight and Benji is going to have her two little dogs to play with as I told her to bring her dogs.  I am going to the store in a bit.  I am thinking Italian tonight.

Looked at 6 places yesterday and there was 2 that were something I wouldn’t mind seeing again.  One had the location and is nice and in a gated community on the same street as my church, which is nice.  I want to go back and see that one again.  The rest I didn’t like.


My Sweet Lord


George Harriosn on Good Morning America with David Heartman in 1981.

Everyone have a great day.

Been thinking of my assignment for this week in my PTSD therapy and I am can see where I am in denial, but I also think that J is in denial too. You have two people who deep down fear to face the truth about his behavior. If we are both in denial because we don’t want to face the truth that he treated me in a dishonorable manner, then how are we ever going talk things out with each other, with the hopes that both of us will do the right thing?

I don’t know if I can write that letter of in J’s words what I hope he will say to me in a meeting between us where we both tell the truth knowing that whatever we say won’t be used against us. That we just talk things out Catholic to Catholic and in peace move forward and join forces to fight WHITE NATIONALIST NEO NAZI HATE.

In the movies the man always realizes he has treated a woman dishonorable, and he will come and talk things out with her and there is an happy ending of the right thing being done. The friendship is restored if they are just at a friends level. J and I can never be more then just friends who work together to fight A COMMON ENEMY of WHITE NATIONALISM. Yet, before we can do that we need to talk about the house and what happen that day in the barn.

It just seems like both J and I are in denial about his behavior and the chances of both of us working pass this in a postive way for the both of us is very slim.

Will J realize the truth? Will he have the courage to face that truth and do the right thing and talk to me?

Michael Jackson- Man in the mirror



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    chrisy58 Says:

    I really like her, as she sings and plays the bodhran.

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