11 April 2013


Good morning.  I was going to play Rolling Stones today, but John’s post made me want to play Beatles, so I will play a mix of Stones and Beatles.


John Lennon- Imagine

This song really upsets White Nationalists.  I think it is sad that they have such hate for the man and his song.


Rolling Stone- Rock and a Hard Place

Enpowerment group went good yesterday and I will use some of the suggestions given me. 

Tonight is choir practice.  I am excited about singing again and getting active in my music again.  Try to practice my Bodhran everyday and I can see an improvement.  I need to find a person to take lessons from as videos are great, but I still believe in hands on learning and being able to play with others at your level and improving together by playing together.

I am working on the reel and jig.  I have the beat down, but need to get my speed up, which will come with time and practice.


Irish jig


Here is one with a bodhran.  I love the bodhran. 

Have  a busy day.  Hope everyone has a great day.



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