9 April 2013


Heard on the radio as I was walking Benji that it is Winston Chruchill Day.  He was another hero of mine.  Lady Thatcher’s memorial service will be Wed.  I am sadden by the reports of how some people are celebrating her death and the vile comments made.  Please out of respect for her family that is mourning, if you don’t have anything nice to say about Lady Thatcher then please don’t say anything at all until after she is laid to rest.

Have we lost all sense of being civilized?  Have we lost compassion for those who have lost a family member and the grief they are feeling, to so coldly add to their sadness and broken heart by making them listen and read nasty vile comments about their loved one?  To those who think celebrating her death because you hated one of her polices is what decent human beings do, please rethink your attitude.  Is this the way you would want people to act when you died?  Would you want your family and loved ones to be sujected to the pain that you are subjecting Lady Margret Thatcher’s family to?

I would like to thank Anderson Cooper for his coverage of Lady Thatcher last night.  It was very moving to watch and I thought a good tribute. 

I wanted to say I made mass on Sunday at the 11 am mass and it was nice being at St. Mary’s again.  I joined the choir and I am starting to sing again.  They really need me as it is a very small choir. 


Celtic Woman- Someday

I love the words to this song.  I pray that someday they will become true, but I see that the world has regressed and not increased in LOVING and SHOWING COMPASSION TO OTHERS.

Have a lot to do today.  Have  a great day.






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