It is with saddness I must post Lady Thatcher died


Those who read my blog know that Lady Margret Thatcher was a hero to me.  I admired and respected her strength, courage, and fight. On the Prime Minister’s David Cameron facebook page people were posting nasty and vile things.  I posted what is wrong with the world today that people think a civilized person with good breeding can say nasty and vile things about someone on the day they died.  A truly civilized person of good breeding out of respect for the family and friends who are grieving says nothing if they can’t say anything nice.  Rather you hated or loved her, a civilized person shows enough respect for the family to not spew their hate toward their loved one who just died today. 

Even if you hated Lady Thatcher, you can say something like she was a strong woman.  We can all agree on that statement and it is not insulting the woman. 

For those who hated Lady Thatcher you will not be allowed to insult her and post your nasty vile comments here.  White Nationalists and Liberals be warned that we will get into a verbal fight if you want to post your vile comments here regarding Lady Thatcher who died today.  I packed my Union Jack in a box or I would hang it at half mass in her memory.

I had a dream about Obama last night.  Those who read my blog know I don’t like him as President.  In my dream I had a chance to talk to him in Hawaii and found him to be a reasonable person who really listened and wanted to do the right thing.  I am willing to admit that I dislike him more for the office he holds then the person, as I have never met him.  If you have never met someone and really talked to them, then how do you know who that person really is.  We live in a world where we judge people harshly without giving them a chance to prove themselves.

It doesn’t matter who the Leader is that dies, unless that person is a monster like Hitler, then one should act in a civilized manner and either say something nice or nothing at all.

One shouldn’t be called a Communist traitor for acting like a person of good breeding by saying something nice about someone when they died, even if that person was a Communist/Socialist Leader.

Now Lady Thatcher has died and it is just as wrong to say nasty and vile things about her, and I hope people will find it in their heart not to attack her as a person and attack those who say kind words about her.

I am not a hyprocrit.  I defended my friend who was attacked for being a man of good breeding and had a kind word to say to the family of a Head of State who died…  The Right couldn’t say enough vile things about my old and dear friend to me, and took his comments out of context.  Now the Left is doing the same thing in regards to the death of a former Prime Minister.

I reject both the far Left and far Right.

I would like to play Amazing Grace for Lady Margret Thatcher.

Celtic Woman.  I love this version.

Lady Thatcher, you were a hero to me and may you RIP.  My thoughts and prayers are with your family.  May they find comfort and peace.  You were a strong woman of courage who was not afraid to fight for what you believed in.  I hope that I have become a strong woman of courage too, who is not afraid to stand up and fight White Nationalists and their neo nazi hate. 

You showed me that as woman we too can be strong women who have a duty to fight for what we believe is right.  I hope that I am an IRON LADY in my fight against White Nationalism.

You were a great example and showed that WOMEN can be good LEADERS of a nation.  We haven’t had a women President yet, but because of your leadership you have proven that women can be great Leaders on the international stage.

God Bless you Lady Thatcher.



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