7 April 2013


Good morning.

Going to start my journal entry today with some Celtic Music.


Irish Tavern music.  It has some good Bodhran playing in the video.  I really love my Bodhran and practice everyday.  Working on mastering the beats for a reel and when I master the reel then I will move to working on the jig.


Two Irish Reels.  This too has nice Bodhran playing.

Going to try going to St Mary’s this morning for the 11 am mass.  That is when the traditonal choir sings and I want to listen to them and see if I want to join the traditonal choir or the folk choir at 9:30 mass.  I have given up on St Stevens, plus I am actually a member at St Mary’s…  I always enjoyed being part of the music ministry at the Catholic Chruch in Salina, Kansas and not only singing but playing my fiddle on Christmas eve service with someone on the piano.  The folk group choir might be a good choir to join because I might get to play my bodhran for special music when I master all the different beats.


More Irish Reels.

If I get ready now, I might make the 9:30 mass and I think it is the folk choir I want to check out.



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