6 April 2013


Happy Tartan Day!! 

Last night I had a couple of unsettling dreams.  I am under stress and upset over things right now so in the one dream I bought myself a pack of cigerates and started smoking again, after years of not smoking.

I also dreamed I moved to the UK and left America behind forever.  There is a part of me that would love to do that.  Just say f it and leave and never look back.  There is also a part that loves this country and so I stay.


It don’t come easy

Looking forward to the Jazz festival in Chandler today.


Seems like old times

Some great photos.


Paul talks about John’s song Imagine.  I know how White Nationalists hate that song and think it is a communist manifesto, lol.  They must really be so desperate to find a communist that they label a song that dreams about love, peace and understanding as Communist.

yes, I am still pissed at you White Nationalists for calling the Beatles traitors to the White RACE.  So I am going to continue to play BEATLES as my way of saying f you.

Are you White Nationalists really that STUPID?

I like the photos in the song seems like old times of John in his youth just starting out.  It reminds us that even the greatest musicans start out as beginners and with time and practice develop their gift for making wonderful music for the world to enjoy.

That is why music education for youth and for all ages is so important.  We are all not going to become famous and great musicans, but we can still enjoy playing and singing our music.  Getting together and playing and singing with friends is a great time.  It is the LOVE of MUSIC that brings us together, regardless of age, talent, and culture.  All of us love music and all of us who play instruments and sing enjoy making music.

Hope everyone has a great day.





  1. 1
    chrisy58 Says:

    Love Phil Collins’s music. He too is a great drummer like Ringo. I remember once hearing in an interview that he was influenced by the music of the Beatles. If I was to make a guess, I would say many musicans were influenced in their youth by listening to the Beatles.

    I have a Celtic/British temper and it is going to take me a long time to forgive and forget the comment you White Nationalists on Stormfront made about the Beatles being TRAITORS TO THE WHITE RACE, SO F YOU. I know a lady should not use the f word, but sometimes one gets so angry that it is the only word to be said.

    Sorry if I offend people by telling White Nationalists f you.

    This song reminds me of my old friend J, because he never would talk to me and give me a chance to prove I was telling the truth or defend myself against lies, half truths, gossip, and rumors. I have always tried to be fair and give him a chance to defend himself against the accusations against him. Sometimes I think I should just say f it and leave the United States as stupid people live here, who don’t believe in HONOR, COURAGE, OR TRUTH. Then the other part of me still LOVES MY FRIEND UNCONDITONALLY SO I CAN’T GIVE UP ON HIM SO I STAY, HOPING THAT SOMEDAY HE WILL FACE THE TRUTH AND TALK TO ME AND GIVE ME A CHANCE TO PROVE I AM TELLING THE TRUTH AND I CAN TALK TO HIM ABOUT WHITE NATIONALISM. WE BOTH FIND THE INNER COURAGE INSIDE TO JOIN FORCES AND FIGHT THE EVIL OF WHITE NATIONALIM.

    A good friend posted on her facebook wall today a quote that really hit home in regards to J and I. It talked about those of us who think we will be treated with fairness because we treat them with fairness are as foolish as those who think the lion will not eat them because we don’t eat the lion.

    I believed that I reap what I sow, and if I sowed fairness in giving J a chance to defend himself against a terrible accusation that he would give me a chance to prove I am telling the truth too. It never happen, so in this world it doesn’t matter how you treat others because you get treated like crap anyway.

    I believed the truth would always come out in the end and the right thing be done, because the Bible said THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. WRONG. THE WORLD AND PEOPLE IN THE WORLD DON’T VALUE TRUTH… THE TRUTH DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING. THEY WOULD RATHER LIVE WITH THEIR LIES THEN TO FIGHT FOR TRUTH.

    I don’t know if my FAITH CAN EVER BE RESTORED IN BELIEVING THAT MAN IN THE WORLD TODAY VALUES TRUTH, COURAGE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF A FRIEND, PEACE, AND UNDERSTANDING. You know those values that we who were young in the 60’s grew up believing mattered… In the world today those very values are considered being a communist. THEIR LIES, HATE, REFUSAL TO TALK TO EACH OTHER WITH THE GOAL OF MAKING PEACE, AND SEPERATION ARE THE VALUES THAT ARE VALUED. I would rather be me an aging BABY BOOMER who is a product of the 60’s.

  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:

    We are the World

    One thing that really pissed me off about the White Nationalist post on Stormfront was how George was listed as a race traitor because he had a heart of compassion and with his music raised money to help the third world, and how we evil BABY BOOMERS helped him raise money…

    I am playing this video as another f you to White Nationalists from this BABY BOOMER. You White Nationalists must really HATE that so many musicans of all different races came together to sing and raise money for Africa. You must really HATE us BABY BOOMERS for supporting their cause and sending them money to help the suffering in the world.

  3. 3
    John Says:

    I should be gone by now but I do enjoy reading your blog from time to time. You seem to be on about this Anti-Beatles thing. I would like to point out that your support for the song Imagine kind of seems to go against your lifestyle. You are proud of your Celtic heritage and you said you enjoy going to Catholic Mass. Let’s see if John Lennon supports these things:

    From his Song “Imagine”

    Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people living for today

    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too

    And if you want WNists of any sort to substantiate any communist claims against him:

    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people sharing all the world.

    Yeah John Lennon sounds like a real stand up guy…If you were standing in the Red Square :P.

    Now I don’t intend to get into a full beatles discussion with you because frankly they mean little to nothing to me. They are a band from another time preaching a sort of marxist message to the Baby Boomers. They are a band my Father and his Communist Father (my grandfather) listened to and liked. My parents bought it and they enjoy their ignorance. They also enjoy moving every few years further away from the joys of diversity and whose only interaction with people who aren’t white are Chinese warehouse workers, people in uniforms/suits or store workers. Yet they expect Gen X and us in Gen Y to listen to them preach their message while we go to school with, and compete for jobs with hordes of foreigners and told to “Suck it up”. Since I am on the personal subject I have to say, I have never met a Baby Boomer who wasn’t WN who is more concerned with the future of their grandchildren than their eventual pension cheque.

    Oh and as for your admirable message about Maggie, you will be delighted to know that SF actually has good things to say while the “progressives” you reach out to are the ones celebrating her death. Tough call on who are the bad guys now

    WNists who dislike the beatles for their songs and outlooks
    “Progressives” who hate Thatcher and celebrate her death
    because they disagreed with her mid-right policies and philosophy.

  4. 4
    chrisy58 Says:

    John, as you can see I approved your comment this morning 11 April.

    Yes, I am proud of my ethnic heritage of both Celtic and British. I am also Catholic and have started going to church again. Even going to be singing with the choir and being active again in my music. I am a very musical person and always have been. I sing and play different instruments. I don’t understand your White Nationalists branding everyone who doesn’t view the world 100% as you do an evil Communist.

    Your grandfather the baby boomer and your father Generation X both love you and I am sure are not Communists. Just because your grandfather a Baby Boomer like me liked the Beatles doesn’t make him a Communist. Just because your grandfather like this John Lennon song doesn’t make him a communist.

    You were not born when John Lennon wrote this song that offends you White Nationalists so much. It was a much different time. You also can’t take what he said word for word literally like some Christians believe that the Bible is to be taken.

    In writing songs, sometimes you have to be poetic in your lyrics to fit the tune. You might talk in the abstract.

    In the late 60’s and early 70’s we had Nixon. We had Kent State where the Government of the United States fired and murdered 4 college students in Ohio. I was 12 years old and I will never forget that cold blooded murder. To me it was murder and not an accident. The National Guard was given the order to shoot to kill and they did..

    We had the Viet Nam War, and you have no idea how divided this nation was at this time.

    You had Prostestants and Catholics killing each other. You had the 72 Olympics in Germany where the team from Israel was murdered in cold blood by Muslims. Religions were fighting and killing each other.

    The point that I believe John Lennon was trying to make was that Religons shouldn’t be killing each other, but that can’t we find a way to live at peace and accept that no matter what spiritual path you believe in that we must find a way to live together in peace and understanding. Let us strive for love and not hate. Let us strive for peace and not war with each other. I am not John Lennon and I didn’t know him in person or was around him when he was writing this song and able to talk to him. With music the great thing is that it speaks to us in our own way..

    No where does he say that one must give up their ethnic heritiage and be ashamed of who we are. I think he is saying that we must seek to understand each other better so that the WAR and FIGHTING between us stops.

    Back then there was a slogan that said GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.

    People wanted PEACE and the WAR OVER.

    We wanted LOVE to overcome the HATE… We wanted people to work toward understanding each other and hopefully realizing that no matter who we were or where we were from that we had common ground and that if we worked toward understanding that we could learn to accept each other as we are and that it would be a better world.

    That doesn’t make us baby boomers COMMUNISTS.

    Just because White Nationalists said nice thing about Lady Thatcher doesn’t mean I become a White Nationalist. Just because Progressives say mean things about her doesn’t mean that I stop trying to find common ground and seek ways we can work together on issues that effect ALL OF US AS A PLANET.

    I have all different kinds of people reading my blog. Progressives have respected me enough not to post nasty comments about her on my blog. White Nationalists have also respected the request.

    The riots in the UK by those on the far Left are horrible. It shows me that people today are less civilized. Why is that? Is it because THE MESSAGE OF LOVE PREACHED IN THE 60’s and EARLY 70’s BEEN REPLACED BY HATE? Is it because instead of seeking ways to understand and accept others who are different then you been replaced by HATING THOSE WHO ARE DIFFERENT THEN YOU AND IT IS OK TO HATE SOMEONE WHO IS DIFFERENT THEN YOU? That is is ok to think that IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU DO AS LONG AS YOU PUT YOUR POLITICAL VIEW OUT THERE?

    Music brings us all together. All cultures, religons and people love and play music. I think it is wrong for you White Nationalists to try and use music of my generation as an excuse to call us EVIL COMMUNISTS. I think it is terrible that you White Nationalists CONSIDER US EVIL RACE TRAITORS BECAUSE WE SUPPORTED CAUSES AND SENT MONEY TO HELP FEED THE HUNGRY IN THE WORLD.

    I will never be the musican that John Lennon or other great musicans will be, but I still enjoy singing and playing music. I believe in music education for youth and all ages. We are all not going to be famous are become great song writers, but we can all enjoy singing and playing our instruments and bring people joy by playing our music. We have all different kinds of music. Some with a serious message and some that make you think. Some music is love songs. Some music makes you want to dance.

    You White Nationalists have your own music that you sing and play to get your message out. Should we take every single word you say in your music that was written and twist it and use it to brand everyone who ever liked a White Nationalist song to be a neo nazi? Yet, you White Nationalists would brand those of us who listen to John Lennon’s song Imagine an evil Communist.

    Paul talking about John’s song Imagne.

    I would think Paul knows John more then you White Nationalists do. Oh that is right you White Nationalists consider Paul and evil traitor to the White race too.

    I really wonder if there is hope for the world, when I see young people think us baby boomers are evil communists and race traitors to the White race because of our message of Love over Hate; Peace over War; and seeking understanding over harsh judgment.. That we are evil people because we believe in compassion and trying to make the world a better place over lack of compassion and turning your back on the poor and suffering in the world.

    There was a time when people were educated and knew that those values we talked about and believed in the 60’s and early 70’s was just being a good caring person who believed that all of us working together as one, would bring solutions and make this a better world.

    Your generation John, seems to have turned their back on the message of my generation of baby boomers. I would rather be me an aging baby boomer then a young White Nationalist who views anyone one who believes in love, peace, and understanding as being a Communist.

    I weep for you John and all the other White Nationalists because somewhere along the way you lost your humanity.

  5. 5
    chrisy58 Says:

    This song is to educate the youth of History. This is History John… Nixon and the United States Government murdered 4 students at Kent State. What was their crime? They protested the WAR.

    Many people felt that the Viet Nam WAR was WRONG. Does this mean my generation is COMMUNIST because we spoke out against this WAR?


    John you and your young White Nationalist friends weren’t alive then. I was 12 but I remember. There are reasons why my generation felt anger toward the Government. There are reasons why today this Baby Boomer still CAN’T TRUST THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.

    It must be so exhausting for you White Nationalists to find a COMMUNIST in all of us BABY BOOMERS.

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