Happy Easter!


Good morning.  Hope everyone has a great Easter.  Am going out to brunch with a neighbor this morning.

We sold the house so I need to start looking for places to go.  Found an interesting place in Mesa that I will call about tomorrow. I have my list of four items that it must have.  A fifth would be nice, but if there is no one above or below me I will consider it.  I am hoping for a townhouse.  I found a nice 1 bedroom in Mesa that I want to look at.  Also a moble home in Mesa I want to look at too.

With my playing the Irish Bodhran alot as I practice I don’t want to disturb people below or above me.  I love my music and playing an instrument is helping in my healing.  I am just beginning to learn the Irish Drum and so right now so with lessons and practice I will be able to play it good enough to start playing Celtic music with others.  Plus lessons open the door to meet others who are into playing music too.  We all start somewhere when playing an instrument.  You only get better the more you practice.

I also want to start singing again.  One reason I chose the Bodhran is I can still sing and play an instrument at the same time.  The Irish Flute you can’t do that.  I do believe that the drums are a good fit for me as both my uncle Jack and my grandfather from Kansas were musicans who played the drums and were very good.

I want to wish Eric Clapton a very Happy Birthday so today I will play his songs.




Wonderful Tonight


Eric Clapton with Beatles.  While my guitar gently weeps.


Change the World

Need to go and start getting ready. 

Am starting the diet again.  Lost 4 lbs already.  I binged a little last night because I feel unsettled and don’t know where I am going to be living..  But today is a new day and l am hoping this time I will allow myself to get thin again and not lie to myself that I need the weight to protect myself against bad men.






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