29 March 2013


They are going to show the house this afternoon.  So glad we are not having an open house this weekend as it is Easter weekend.  Am thinking I might go to Easter service tomorrow night as I am going out Easter Sunday for brunch with a neighbor.  I haven’t totally given up my Catholic faith so I think I will go to mass for Easter.  I just hope I am not turned off like the last time I went to mass and had to leave right after the sermon because I didn’t want to hear about how evil I was when my mother had just died.

I would like to find a church that I am spiritual fed in, but at the same time, when I left the Catholic church before I ended up with Jeff and that nightmare.  So I am between a rock and hard place right now.  Not liking the Catholic chruch right now and not wanting to leave the church..  Please pray that I can sort things out.


Amazing Grace- Scottish Bagpipes

This song brings chills to me.  Someday I will take a trip home to Scotland.  Will go to Skye and see where my MacDonald Clan lived and fought for what they believed in.  We were proud Jacobites.  It is proud I am to be part of Clan Donald and have MacDonald blood running through my veins.

Yes, I am a sinner and I have made mistakes.  Every human being has made mistakes and sinned… I refuse to judge any human being the way I have been judged in this life.  That is why when I love someone as my friend uncondtionally I give them chance after chance.  The important thing is we learn from our mistakes and when we realize we have made a wrong turn to do the right thing.  I will never give up the hope that J and I can talk things out and together do the right thing in fighting White Nationalism as one team.  That we will be better friends in the future then we were in the past.

I know people think I am a fool to not have given up on J, but one doesn’t give up on a friend.  I won’t give up on him and believing that in the end he will do the right thing and be the hero that I know he is.  Maybe someday he will see my heart of gold and realize together there isn’t anything we couldn’t accomplish if we just work together as one team.

I want to be forgiven so I must forgive others.  I want J to forgive me for my mistakes so I hope that if I forgive him and give him another chance that he will forgive me and give me another chance too.  I believe we reap what we sow.  I try to sow unconditional love with the hope that unconditonal love will be given to me too.


Celtic women- The voice

Hope everyone has a great day.




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