26 March 2013


One of the pictures I took at the Phoenix Scottish Games. They didn’t use real swords.

Good morning.  Feel like starting the day with some Boston. Hope to be back there this Summer, as it has been to long since I have been home.  Want to put flowers on my dad’s and grandparents graves in Lynn and go to Red Sox game at Fenway Park.  Love Fenway Park. 


Rock and Roll Band




Feeling Satisfied

Start my indivual sessons with Helen today.  Finished my Coping group and am going to start the Enpowerment Group tomorrow.  When I see where I am now and where I started from, I see a big change.  I am no longer that same person, but am healing and slowly finding who I am and what I believe for myself and not what some White Nationalist man or someone else tells me to believe. Just because I was born a girl doesn’t mean I am stupid and have to be told WHAT TO THINK.  I may not have a BA Degree at some fancy college but I am still smart.  I have common sense.

Yes, I am a fighter.  I have passion.. I value truth and courage in people.  I have also learned how to channel my Celtic Temper into fighting for what I believe is right.  I am learning to control that temper and instead of yelling at people, play a game with them as I talk to them so I can take my anger passion in beating them at the game, and saying what I have to say in a nice way.  I have learned not to speak in anger, but to wait until I can talk to them in a calm matter.  Just because I don’t respond to you right at the time, doesn’t mean I don’t have something to say to you, but I need to wait until I can speak to you with respect.  We Celts have a TEMPER.. It is part of our Celtic charm, lol.


Don’t look back

I have always liked the group Boston.

Hope everyone has a great day.




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    chrisy58 Says:

    The Irish Bodhran is the Irish Drum and the instrument I am learning how to play now that I can no longer play the Scottish fiddle. Enjoy the video. Love Celtic music.

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