Back from the Scottish Games


Had a great time and Benji did too.  Took a lot of pictures but only one came out so am posting the one.  Good thing I am going back tomorrow as I will try and take more pictures. 

Got a lot of excercise.  Hocked up with my Clan Donald.  It is always good to have fellowship with my fellow MacDonalds.  Saw the gathering of the Clans and all the Clans go in with their full dress.  People brought their children and dogs.  Great Family gathering.

The Celtic Games are my big highlight ever year.  Some year I want to make the Games in Grandfather Mountain, NC.  You camp out at those games.  Who knows maybe this year I will make it, as they are held in June.  I tell myself that every year.

I can also join Clan Wallace, Thompson, and Campbell, but I choose to stay with my MacDonald side.  If I were to join Clan Wallace too then how does one wear two tartans at the same time?  I would feel like I was betraying my MacDonald side.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.





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