Happy Spring


Good morning.  It is the first day of Spring, but in the valley of the Sun it is already feeling like Summer. Upper 80’s today.

They are going to show the house again this morning so I have to put off another week to start the enpowerment group.  Come next Wed, I am going to say they have to come in the afternoon, as I need to start taking that group, as it is important for my healing of the PTSD.

Been thinking about what I want to major in.  I am thinking I would like to get my BA degree in Creative Writing.  Not a lot of schools offer that at a BA level.  Some offer it at a Master’s.  I want to expand my blog and become a better writer.  Plus it will help me say what I have to say about White Nationalism through my writing.  Instead of long winded posts I will learn how to write like a professional.

I believe Northern AZ Univ in Flagstaff offers a BA in Creative Writing.  Think I will go up there some Sunday and spend the night and check out the school on Monday morning.  That way they can do an open house on Sunday.  I like Flagstaff.  It is cooler then Phoenix and has snow in the Winter.

Salem State in MA also offers the Creative Writing Degree too.  So I would like to check out that school as well.  My heart has always been in New England and I like the North Shore of Boston.

Most schools offer a general degree in English.  Not sure if included in them is a lot of the creative writing that I need to really develop my skill to become a professional writer.  Who knows I may become a speech writer.

Well need to think about getting going.



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