19 March 2013


Good morning.

Glad in Coping group we changed the topic to personality.  I have an agreeable personality.  I like people but am also an intervert and like spending time alone to recharge my batteries.  Some people get recharged by being with a whole bunch of people.  Just because I am an intervert and on the shy side doesn’t mean I am anti social.  Anymore then there is something wrong with someone who has to be around a lot of people and the social butterfly.

Next week we are going to continue that topic plus add what career would fit our personality.  I am thinking that I would like to go back to school and finally get a BA in English.  I don’t want to work in the health care field anymore.  It was never a good match for me.  I feel that English and taking the creative writing and public speaking will help me in doing what I feel I must do in shining the light of truth on the lies of White Nationalism.  I need to be able to speak in a clear way and overcome my shyness, so I think an English major will be good for me, as at some point, if my old friend in MA ever does talk to me, I am sure he will want me to talk to others too.  I need the writing skills for my blog so I can expand it.  Fighting White Nationalism and criminal justice is my passion.

Would like to start this Fall.  Salem State has an English major so I am looking into that school.  Kansas State also has an English major plus they have an equestrian riding team so I could be active in a school sport.  I miss riding horses so much.  I need to start riding again.  Kansas State is a great school so that is on the list.  I like Flagstaff so I will look into Northern AZ State..

I may look into Catholic Schools too as I am Catholic and it might help me be more active in the church and want to be active in the church. 


Feel like starting the day with The Who. Teenage Wasteland 


Who are you

Hope everyone has a great day.




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