Happy St Patrick’s Day


Good morning.  We are having an open house again today so Benji and I are going to petco and I am going to get him a small carry bag to carry him in.  Benji is allowed in petco and it is to hot to let him stay in the car.

I am going to play all Beatles songs as my way of saying f you to the White Nationalists.


George Harrison- Give me Love

I think this song has a beautiful message.  What is wrong with wanting their to be more love and peace in the world?  Why is the message so offensive to White Nationalists?  I believe the answer is that they don’t want there to be more love, peace and understanding between all people in the world; as they only want their all WHITE HOMELAND. 




While my guitar gently weeps

My heart weeps for White Nationalists who have no true love in their hearts.  They hate George Harrison for having a heart and feeling compassion for the poor and suffering in this world and they hate us boomers for buying his records so that money was given to help the poor and suffering.

I know that all the Beatles were attacked by that White Nationalist on Stormfront, not only George. 

So here is a song by all of them with a message of love.  It was a great time to be alive and I am glad I am part of the boomer generation.  Our message in the 60’s was a good message.  To bad that younger generations have rejected our message that we boomers held when we were young and are accepting the White Nationalist and other crazy beliefs of groups with a Right Wing slant; who want seperation and division.  Who don’t want to seek ways to bring more love, peace and understanding between us.


All you need is love


Like Anne Frank I like to believe that goodness is in everyone.  I would like to think that somewhere deep down inside a White Nationalist is a heart that still feels love and compassion for all people in the world and not just White people.  I would like to think that these people can still be saved.  That they will see the truth and walk away from White Nationalism and other Right Wing groups who believe in seperation and division of people leads to a better world.

I know I am still the dreamer or idealist.  White Nationalists hated that quality about me.  They don’t have any place in their world for people like me who look at things as they are and think we can do better and why can’t we work to make things better?  My childhood hero had that same quality of looking at the world and asking why couldn’t we do things to improve it?  Not just accepting things as they are, but looking at what could be done to make it a better world.

White Nationalist women I pray you wake up and see the truth about White Nationalism and LEAVE.

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.




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    chrisy58 Says:

    Need to get going, but I wanted to play this song. I know fighting White Nationalists and the neo nazis is the right thing to do and a moral imperative in life. I choose to continue to use my blog to shine light on their evil deeds and thoughts.

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