Good evening


Just being bored so I thought I would write on my journal blog.  Hope everyone is having a good evening.  If I had someone to go to the Eric Clapton concert with I would not be sitting at home bored.

I am open to meeting new people.  Yesterday when they showed the house, Benji and I took a ride to Mesa and I got take out from the German food resturant I like there, and while I was waiting for my order I was talking to a man who was around my age.  We didn’t exchange numbers or anything like that, as he wasn’t the right one for me, but I was talking to him which felt good.  With the right person I think I would open up.  I am shy until I get to know a person and then I can talk more.  I write better then I speak.  At least I don’t nag at a man. lol.

They showed the house today and tomorrow is another big day.

As I started to write today I am pissed off at some of the comments that were written about an old friend of mine.  Who are they to call him a “traitor”?

gatorbait518 days ago

Of course , curly top  can’t admit, he’s a Communist  who has blocked US Oil production with lawfare”

I am responding here.  Notice that this person got 3 likes for his comment and no one defended my friend.. I am defending my friend like I always do. 

First off my friend is not a Communist.  It seems with the Right Wing and White Nationalists that anyone they disagree with is a Communist or a Traitor.  Instead of talking about the issues you make snide little comments. 

I know I am not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree but what is Lawfare?  And how is my friend blocking US oil production?  Please explain to me how one man can block the United States from producing oil?

Is is because he looks at developing other sources of energy to use besides oil and coal? 

I am proud of my friend for what he has accomplished and that he sees into the future and is for the development of renewal energy sources…

“DemNoMore says:

Worst than a schmuck! Such a worthless family!”

May I ask you Dem no more what great acheivement have you made to socieity and to the world?

Until you have walked in my friend’s shoes you have no right to call him worthless.  Have you developed the cure for cancer?  Have you solved the problem of hunger in the world so there is no more hunger?  At least my friend tries to help in his own small way the poor people who need help with heating costs.  I am proud of him for his efforts.  I told him once that in person.  Don’t know if he remembers that.  I like people who lead by example, and so I am proud of him for doing what he is doing, even though he has to endure name calling by those people on the Right Wing who don’t know what they are talking about.

Some of the comments are so vile I am not going to even bother responding too, but the Hate from the Right Wing flows like a river.

This is my online journal and I am venting.  I would guess that there are not that many people who read my blog, so I am going to allow my response to be posted here.  It just pissed me off the vile comments directed at someone I know and love as my friend unconditionally.  I don’t judge him and I don’t allow others to judge him without my defending him and his honor.  That is what true friends do.  I would hope that he would do the same for me and defend me.




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