15 March 2013


Happy Friday.  They are going to show the house a couple of times this morning, so Benji and I need to take off for a few hours.  Where shall we go for a ride this morning?

I am thinking one thing I would like to do when I go back East is to take a few English classes and work on developing my writing.  Not only would it help my writing for this blog, but my speaking skills to as I believe Public Speaking is included in an English Major.  I notice Salem State has a nice English dept that includes both the writen and public speaking development.  So I think I will focus on the North Shore.

One thing I noticed which I believe gives White Nationalist ammo in recruiting White people is that all the groups listed are Black American, Asian American, Mexican American but there is no Celtic American, Italian American, German American, Russian American, Nordic American, Cuban American groups.  Why the double standard?  Doesn’t every ethnic group have a right to join together and celebrate their unique culture? 

Also they have a gay group and transgender group and a woman group, but what about a man’s group.  If there is an all women’s group then shouldn’t men be allowed to have their own group.  Why are men denied their own group? 

On the Religious groups they had Christian groups but no Catholic, Pagan, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu groups listed.  Why only the Protestant groups?  Shouldn’t all spiritual paths be allowed to have their own group of gathering together.  I believe in a Celtic Christianity which is a mixture of my Catholic faith and Wiccan ( an earth based faith).  I am not the only one who likes some of the Catholic faith but loves the Celtic old ways because of their honoring nature and the earth around them.  I am not Pagan in that I believe in the Catholic Deity, but I believe in honoring nature and the earth as a scared place.

I don’t understand how in the name of being politically correct it is ok to allow some people to gather in a group while deny others the same right?

It gives White Nationalist a chance to twist that double standard to their advantage.  They are able to form those groups and bring people in to White Nationalism thinking that WN is only an heritage group of honoring your heritage.  WE ALL KNOW THAT IS A LIE.  They are more then just a HERITAGE GROUP, like the IRISH/SCOTTISH CLANS, that are based on if you are decended from the clans.

Two wrongs never make a right and both extremes are not good or right.

Will we ever live in a world where one doesn’t have to worry about being called racist because they too want to have their own group honoring their culture like the Black American Groups or the Mexcian American Groups?  Will we ever live in a world where it is ok for men to have their own group like women have their own group talking about issues that effect only them?  Will we ever live in a world where it is ok for all faiths to be treated equal?

I know White Nationalists don’t like to hear the truth but do Progressives?  I am still waiting to find the answer to that question.  Are they as close minded as the Right Wing and White Nationalists?

Still waiting to talk to my Progressive friend to find out some answers.  One would think he would be interested in talking to me and finding out what I have to say, wouldn’t you?  I am willing and will ask to be given a lie detector test and answer any question asked of me.  You would think he would be curious.  I am curious about him.  Can we put aside our differences and join together and fight for truth, justice and the greater good.  To join forces and together fight against White Nationalists?  To fight against all Racism and HATE, where ever it is found?  I have the courage and I am hoping he has the courage too.


Hello again

Someday he will have to face me and talk to me as we have unfinished business between us.  I pray that we will end things on a good note.  He never has to be afraid to face me, as I want to give my friend a hug.  We both need a hug.

Need to get going.




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