Hope everyone is having a nice evening


I really love this quote and is the one of the reasons why I fight so hard to talk to my old friend about White Nationalism and the neo nazi’s. If I am silent then I am just as guilty as they are. So I will keep on trying to reach out to my friend and his family, with the hope that someday they will finally see the truth and understand the true me. If only they could see my heart?

Got a call earlier and the house is going to be shown tomorrow.  Looked on homefinders of rentals on both the North Shore and South Shore of Boston.  Found places in Swampscott, Scituate, Ipswich and a couple in Marblehead that interest me.  Found two in Marblehead that I like.  I remember hanging out at the Marblehead yacht club.  The one in Scituate is a condo that used to be an inn that I stayed on the water, while I was waiting to move into our house down the street.  Really nice 1 bedroom.  Loved Scituate too.  So either Marblehead or Scituate on the water would be great for me, as I heal and decide the next chapter in my life.


Bon Jovi- Because we can

Love this new song.  It makes me feel like I can overcome and do what I have to do, which is to continue to fight White Nationalists and try to expose and shine the light on their evil deeds.  Will never give up trying to talk to my old friend J.  I believe together that we could move any mountain that tried to stop us doing what is morally right and fighting White Nationalism and their neo nazi hate.

I am a strong woman and get my strength from inside, he could lean on me and I would give him strength too.  I believe we can WIN and DEFEAT the EVIL of HATE.

I know that someday he will have to face me and talk to me one on one.  We have unfinished business between us. 

Eric Clapton is going to be here Thursday night.  Wish I had someone to go to the concert with.  I wonder if it would be acceptable for a lady to go by herself?



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    chrisy58 Says:

    Thought I would play some Eric Clapton. I really would love to see him live sometime… He is one of the best!!!

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