10 March 2013

A Song For You. Leon russell

Thinking of j tonight.


Finally get a chance to post on my online journal.  Thought I would start us out with an oldie but goodie.

Benji and I went to Sun City today during the open house.  Didn’t like it at all, and will not even look into renting anything in that area or on that side of Phoenix, for the short time.  If I have to will try and rent something here in Sun Lakes/Chandler.

When I leave AZ I want to go to Boston for awhile and sort out what I want to do next.  I haven’t been home since 1990 and I need to go home to Boston and spend some time.   They say when someone dies you should give yourself some time to decide what you want to do.  Going to Boston and spending time there in the place my heart has always been and loved is what I need.  Love the Atlantic ocean and the rocky beaches and need to walk the shore.  Maybe do some riding again.  Would love to take an art and writing class.

I need to put flowers on my dad’s and grandparents graves in Lynn.  Am thinking do I want to go back to Scituate or do I want to go to Lynn/Nahant?  I love Nahant and my dad and I used to go there all the time.  Yet we also loved Scituate.  I will know the right place to rent when the time comes.

All my life I have been told I am different then most girls, which pleases me, as I would rather be the rare jewell I am then like everyone else.  I am me and like no other.

I don’t need an “I am Sorry” when someone who I love as a friend treats me badly.  I don’t even want an apology.  I just want my friend back in my life and for him to face me and talk to me.  From this day forward we both be better friends to the other.  Having a true friend is a blessing and a gift, to be cherished and treasured.  I hope someday my old friend J sees the true me and will come back into my life and talk to me.  Someday may he see the truth that I would never do anything to hurt him or bring dishonor to him or his name.  He is my friend and I love him uncondtionally as my friend forever.

Well good night.  Have another busy day tomorrow. 

John, I see you have a comment, I will approve it tomorrow and reply in the morning before my coping group.

Love is
Such a beautiful song. They both are very talented singers.

Sweet dreams




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