9 March 2013


Good morning.  J was in my dreams again last night.  He was the hero in this dream and talked to me and we joined forces to fight White Nationalists and won.  In my dreams he is a man of courage, passion, and understanding.   We may not be as young as we were, but we are still able to FIGHT the evil of White Nationalism and WIN.

There is still time for us to do the right thing and talk together and fight against White Nationalism.  Please pray that a miracle will happen and J will finally see the truth about me and talk to me and together we fight against this evil.

Just because we are baby boomers, doesn’t mean we can’t still fight for what is right..  Truth still matters.  Courage still matters.  WE just can’t waste anymore time of not talking to each other and joining forces to fight together the battles that must be fought.  We have a moral imperative to fight against evil in this world.  To me White Nationalism is one of those evils.  I may just be one girl/woman and no one wants to hear what I have to say or really care about joining the fight against White Nationalism, but as long as their is breath in my body, I will continue to fight with the limited tools I have.  I am not going to stop hoping that my old friend in MA J finally decides to talk to me and want to learn about White Nationalism and White Nationalists so he has the knowledge and tools to join the fight and bring his much needed resources to the FIGHT.

I believe in J and always have and always will.  One never gives up on a friend.  For good or bad J is my friend and my unconditional love will never die.  I am not as stupid as people think.  I just choose to understand that we all make mistakes and done things we now wish we hadn’t done.  So it doesn’t matter what he has done or hasn’t done in regards to me, I still forgive him and love my friend forever.  If I am blessed, then he will feel and do the same thing with me and not hold my many mistakes against me either.  But see my true heart of GOLD and my trying to do the right thing.

We all need a friend in this world that is our soulmate that understands us and loves us as we are.  Who sees the best and who knows our faults but chooses to overlook them and love us anyway… Who doesn’t harshly judge us, but one we can tell anything to and know that it will never be used against us.  That safe port in the  storm that we all face in this life.  That friend who tells you the truth even though you might get mad at them.  The person who you know would die to defend and protect you.  The person who would rather bare the injust treatment, then to ever let you be dishonored in any way.  In my dream J’s friend asked me how I could still love J unconditonally and forever as my friend.   I think the answer is that I was born this way and I only know how to love unconditionally and forever.  He is my friend in my heart, so it doesn’t matter what, I will love him the way I love until my dying day.

Even though I may get angry with him or think he is not worthy of me or my friendship, I still love him uncondtionally and forever as my friend and will never stop hoping with my whole being that he will find the courage I know is inside of him and face me and talk to me.  That we will talk things through.  I already forgive him, but that he will forgive me of any wrong doing that I committed against him.  That we make peace and he will help me fight against White Nationalists and their White Nationalism.  My Cause is a just CAUSE. 

You see I think I am a rare jewell and he is lucky to have such a great friend as me.  J could do worst then have a friend like me who is true, loyal, and his soulmate who understands him.


In my dreams my knight in shining armor is my hero who fights the evil of White Nationalists and their HATE! He saves the day at the very last moment and is always a happy ending!  In my eyes he still has what it takes.

Enough about my dream.

Hope everyone has a good day.  I have to believe that the Lord will provide me with another option other then moving to Hawaii.  I really don’t want to move to Hawaii.  Hawaii is great to visit but I don’t want to live in endless Summer.  I love the 4 seasons of New England.



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    chrisy58 Says:

    I remember the ending of the movie, where he comes back to her. Maybe someday I will have an happy ending, and my old friend comes back into my life and finally talks to me..

    I would like to think that there are happy endings in real life and not just movies. They said this movie was based on a true stroy, so that gives me hope.

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