8 March 2013


I like this saying. We boomers might be middle age now, but we were young once and felt that we had all the answers too, like many youth today feel they have all the answers to solve the problems facing us. Will they find out 30 years from now when they are middle age, that some of what they thought were the solutions, really were not?

We boomers might be getting older, but our passion is still there and our courage is still there burning bright in our hearts. We still have time to make a difference for good in this world. We just have to stop making excuses and finding reasons to NOT do the right thing. Let us talk to each other and realize that it is not to LATE for us to still FIGHT. As long as we are breathing, it is not to late for us to work together to do the right thing in choosing to fight for good over the evil facing us. Let us find the courage and strength to DO WHAT WE MUST DO!!

Let us work together as one and not divide ourselves based on age, race, Political Party or View, or even Religion. Let us reason with each other and realize that ALL PEOPLE might have answers and solutions that should be listened to and even tried, if they have merit. We all have gifts to bring to the table and we will succeed if we work together as one team.

I believe we can solve the issues facing those of us who are alive on the earth today. I believe that everyone no matter what race they are want a better future for their children. I believe everyone regardless of rather they are Democrat or Republican want to pass on a better country then what they inherited from their parents.

I am not giving up the fight. I hope other Boomers are not going to give up either. We can fight more then one issue at a time. We must multi task if we are to WIN and OVERCOME..

It is raining here, in the AZ desert which is nice as I like the rain, because it makes the desert green this year.  That is one thing I noticed coming back from New Mexico that our desert is much more Green then theirs.  I didn’t really care for New Mexico as it was really barren.  They didn’t even have the Green catcus or the flowering catcus like we do in AZ.

Though I really love snow, which I miss….  That was one nice thing about New England was I loved the four seasons.  I don’t want to move to Hawaii and endless Summer.  My heart is in New England and I want to go home to the Boston area.  I love to visit Hawaii to get out of the cold for a couple of weeks, but I don’t want to live there.  People should be allowed to go where their heart is.

They are going to show the house today at 1. 

I start the one on ones with Helen on the 26th of March and am supposed to continue journaling until then.  My block deals with my family. 

Hope everyone has a great day. 



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    chrisy58 Says:

    Who says I can’t go home to Boston? Who says I can’t go home and put flowers on my dad’s and grandparents graves in Lynn?

    I want to go home to Boston. No one is going to stop me from going home and seeing Boston while I am still breathing and alive.

    I know some people might not feel the same way about Boston that I do, and they have their own place that they love and consider HOME…That is great. Everyone should pick the place they love and want to live.

    They say to choose your battles, so I will try and get along, but I am not moving to Hawaii, so I guess that will be the battle that we finally fight. It has been over 20 years since I have been back home to BOSTON or put flowers on my dad’s grave. I am doing that. If that is the BATTLE THAT WILL BE FOUGHT, THEN IT WILL BE FOUGHT.

    Going through some old stuff of my dads, I found his journal he wrote of his experience in WWII. He was a turbo guy from Boston. He wasn’t in the service, but on special assignment and worked on jet engines and would test the planes with the pilots.. He felt that engine was his baby and wanted to be part of testing the planes. The Government didn’t like that he would risk his life to be part of the testing, but he stood his ground for what he believed in. I will stand my ground about going back to BOSTON.

    He talked about the plane leaving Boston and on the plane was a college friend from Tuffs who was also a part of their group. Sad that they didn’t get any benefits for their war effort because they worked for the company and were not enlisted men. Yet, men like my father were just as important to the WAR EFFORT as those serving in the military.

    I am going to go back to Boston and put flowers on his grave, and no one on the face of the earth is going to stop me.

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