6 March 2013

Good morning.

I know people don’t understand my feelings toward the United States Government.  They are my feelings in response to terrible things people in the Government did to my father and I.  Yes, Nixon was a long time ago, but the corruption and lying are still very much part of the Government and their daily routine.

I no longer trust, respect, have faith in our Government of the United States.  But the most tragic loss of all is my LOVE for the United States Government is gone.  It is dead.  I DON’T CARE ANYMORE.

When you have people who no longer care about their government then you are living in dangerous times, because if you are not willing to defend and even die for your own government, then there is no stopping the enemy from achieving victory over them.  Sadly, we are at this point now.

The corruption and rot go much deeper then just Obama if you are a Republican and the Republicans if you are a Progressive Democrat.  Because of all the LYING and CORRUPTION OF ALL POLTICAL LEADERS IN THIS GOVERNMENT, we now have an AMERICAN PEOPLE who see their own GOVERNMENT AS THE ENEMY.. We have DRONES flying over American soil spying on AMERICAN CITIZENS.  The Government doesn’t TRUST the people and the people don’t TRUST the Government.

John, I know you might not understand what I am saying.  You are still young and think that your generation has the answers to all the problems facing us and feel hopeful that your new White Nationalism will save the day and all will be saved.  I am middle age at 55 and know that the solutions we believed in and tried, didn’t work and we are in even deeper trouble today then yesterday.    We thought we had the answers too, but it turned out they didn’t work and so instead of passing to you and your generation a better country we are passing on to you a worst country in worst shape.  Sorry about that, but many of us did try, but for whatever reason, we failed.

I have always tried to lead others by example and not just words.  I am a fighter and I will not stop fighting until my last breath.  So I will continue on, one step at a time.  Tomorrow is our last day for childhood sexual survivor’s group.  Need to work on my journal entry for tomorrow and again it is a hard one for me, as it is about family.  I have an emotional block where my family is concerned.  We will deal with that when I start with the one on one’s at the beginning of April.

Have several showings of the villa today and I have no where to move too.  I do not want to move to HAWAII. 




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