1 March 2013


This is a picture taken on Cape Cod, MA. My dad and I made happy memories there.

Good morning, getting ready to leave for New Mexico for the weekend.  Hope everyone has a great day.

Group was good yesterday.  Helen said that it says alot what you can’t write or talk about in regards to journaling, so we will look into why I have a block in regards to my family, when I start the one on one with her at the end of March. 

We drew a vision board yesterday of what we would like to be in five years.  With all assignments of this nature, I always picture myself back home in the Boston area.  I miss Massachusetts and want to go home so very much.  One of my biggest fears is that I will never get to see New England again while I am alive.  My wish is to be buried in Lynn, MA next to my dad.

Then we made signs for the March tonight against violence.  Made two signs.  In all my years of protest, I have learned to make signs with a simple message that can be used as good slogans.  Keep it simple and not long. 

Mine were:

It shouldn’t hurt being a child

Stop Child Sexual Abuse

I told them I would be there with them in spirit and sign, lol.

I had a nice dream of J last night.  The beginning of the night I was kicking and fighting and talking in my sleep.  I do that sometimes.  Then I was dreaming of J and was relaxed and happy.  It is always the same dream of him finally coming to talk to me.  Being able to tell him what I need to say and him really listening..  We work things out and he joins the fight against White Nationalism and together we make a difference for good against the evil.  He always is my hero in my dreams…

Need to get going.




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    chrisy58 Says:

    Made it to my friends house in NM safe. Benji was a very good boy on the trip and like me enjoyed the trip. Driving was fun.

    Saw a patch of snow in Flagstaff and realized how much I miss and love snow. There is no way I would be happy living in Hawaii full time. I love visiting my family but to live there 12 months a year is not something that appeals to me.

    My heart is in Boston. I am thinking Washington state outside of Seattle would be nice. It would have 4 seasons if I lived about 30 minutes outside of Seattle in the mountains, which I love. I realized that when I was in Flagstaff today and stopped for lunch. Northern AZ is really nice.

    I love my Benji and am so blessed to have such a great dog who likes to go on road trips with

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