21 Feb 2013


Have a busy day today.  Will write after Survivor’s group.

My mother and I didn’t communicate verbally, but through writing.  My sister found a note she had written for me to read after she died.  I don’t like to cry and so I started to read it and wanted to cry so I didn’t read it all yet.  Someday when I can read it and not cry then I will read it.

I know people don’t understand this, but crying to me is weakness.  So when I feel myself starting to cry I back off and shut those feelings down as I don’t want to be weak.

This may be why I have PTSD.  I don’t deal with my emotions very well, but like a soldier try to keep going on..

I need to finish up as we have the first real estate agent coming this morning and I have my group this afternoon.

Some of the Phoenix area got snow yesterday.  We didn’t get any snow here.  Some of my friends on facebook posted pictures of snow here in the Phoenix, Tucson area.  It actally stayed long enough on the ground for people to take a picture and make a snowball and have a snowball fight.




  1. 1
    chrisy58 Says:

    Group was very intense for me again this week. The journal assignment for the week is going to bring up feelings I haven’t faced.

    People don’t understand what we are going through unless they to were victims of sexual child abuse.

    I hope that women who also suffer from abuse will find strength, courage, encouragement, and inspiration from my online journal blog of my journey of healing. Of finally getting the treatment needed 45 years later. Better late then never.

    Will answer more of John’s letter tomorrow. To tired now.

    Hope everyone has a great night

  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:

    Great article. Glad to see people are staring to speak out against rape on colleges.


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