19 Feb 2013


This is me, when I was a little girl. You can see I take after my dad’s side in the looks.

Good morning.  Hope everyone has a great day.

Before I move to Hawaii, I feel I need to take a trip back home to Boston and put flowers on the family graves in Lynn, and just spend time relaxing and looking into if moving back home to Boston is possible.  My heart has always been in New England, even as a child and I love it there.  I need to go back and face the fears that made me feel I had no choice but to runaway from Marshfield.

They say that one shouldn’t make major decision for at least 6 months after the death of someone.  I think that is true.

After spending time back home in Boston, I want to go and see my half brother in FL.  When I talked to him, he was open for us getting together.  Wouldn’t it be great if after all these years my big brother and I finally develop a real brother/sister relationship and we can become close like my sister and I, who I love very much.

I want to spend time in KS and put flowers on the family graves in Salina and spend time with my friend Anne, as I miss her. 

Before I go to Hawaii I need to go and spend time in CA and OR and face the fears there as well.  This is all part of the healing process.  After my time of travel and reflection I can better decide what is best for me and what I want to do, hoping that the two go hand in hand.  If someone is very lucky in this life, the two go  hand in hand.  Most of us have to accept we don’t always get what we want in this life and you just have to make the best of what life gives you.


Feel like starting the day out with some Stones.

Will write later.




  1. 1
    chrisy58 Says:


    I would like to see this place in person. Looks like it is close to the ocean.

  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:


    I would like to see this in person.

  3. 3
    chrisy58 Says:


    I loved riding my Tia along the North River.

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