17 Feb 2013


This is my dad when he was boy living in Boston.

Good morning.  Had thought about trying church again, but don’t think I will this morning.  I know there isn’t a Catholic Church here that I like or want to go to, and I am not sure if going to a non Catholic church is the right thing for me either.  In the past when I ventured away from the Catholic Church because I wasn’t be fed in my home church, it led to disaster.  That led me to getting involved with Jeff and the Christian Patriot Movement and CI.

I may try and pray my rosary today as it would be spiritual and reflecting on spiritual teaching, even if I don’t go to mass.

Also been thinking of what I want to do now.. My heart is in Boston and always will be.  It has always loved New England even as a kid and my dad took me back for my first trip back to Boston and Cape Cod.  We had gone to Washington DC first and I said it was nice there, and he said wait until you see Massachusetts as nothing compares to the beauty of New England, and he was right.

Before I make any decisions of where I want to go, I need to take a trip home to Boston and visit and put flowers on my dad and grandparents graves in Lynn.  I need to visit Cape Cod and just reflect on what is best for me and what I want.  Hopefully, the two will go hand in hand.

I am not sure in my heart that Hawaii is the best fit for me.  I love my family very much.  That would be great to be near them, but at the same time I am not sure if I want endless Summer all year around.  One of the things I love about New England and Boston is the four seasons.  I love every season.  I love the History and the old houses.  I love being in the country and riding my horse…

I love my Boston teams and in my memorial scrapbook I made of my mom’s life, I put a picture of us when everyone visited me at Christmas time that was taken when I took everyone to see the US Constitution at the Boston Naval yard, where my grandfather worked. My dad had taken me there many years before when we had spent time in Boston. I had given my nephew a Boston Red Sox jacket as at that time he was collecting baseball cards.  Even as a baby I would sit him on my lap and watch Boston Red Sox games with him.  Hawaii doesn’t have my Red Sox.  I hope we have a good year this year.  Boston has some of the best fans as we are loyal year after year to our Red Sox.


Who says I can’t go home to Boston?




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