I want to thank my hero for planting his seed in me when I was a child


In answering the first two questions by John on why I fight White Nationalism and why I think White Nationalism is evil, I realize that it is in large part to one of my heroes who planted his seed in me between the ages of 5 and 10, when he was alive in this world.

Thank you for planting your seed in me and that the seed growing inside me led to me becoming a woman who fights against the evils in this world.

Your courage, strength, wisdom, honesty, and moral character encouraged and inspired me to fight the battles that I have always fought in this world.

I love you as my hero and always will, as I believe in my heart that you loved and cared about children and you would have taken the side of us children who were sexual abused and fought for there to be very strong LAWS in THE UNITED STATES to PROTECT US CHILDREN FROM SEXUAL ABUSE AND ALL ABUSE, and you would have gone after the bad guys and not blame the child…

He would have been on our side and helped us..



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