15 Feb 2013


Good morning!

I think it is sad when others judge people harshly not based on fact and ever talking to that person one on one to hear their thoughts and side of the story.  I know what it is like first hand to be harshly judged without being able to answer the questions directly and looking that person in the eyes as I talk to them.  Refuse to do that to another human being.  That is why I tend to defend people that others judge so harshly not based on truth but their judgment based on gossip and lies…

No sane person wants to be arrested.. Yet, because they believe strongly in their Cause, and believe that the only way to get their message out to the people is through ” getting arrested” they are willing to do that.. Some would consider them a hero and be proud of them for having the courage and honor to stand up for what they believe they must do for the great good.  Others can’t wait to throw a stone at this person and justifying their hate by spewing their posion words of condemnation… 

While I am proud of both father and son, and realize the son is 18 years old and is becoming a warrior for the enviroment and it was HIS CHOICE TO BE THERE AND PART OF THIS ACT OF PROTEST; others are saying the FATHER forced the SON to come and be arrested..  How can they justify their gossip and lies?

As a parent don’t you want to raise your children so that when they become 18 that they start being and thinking more independent of you?  This young man made his own decision because he believed strongly enough in this.  What right does anyone have to judge this young man or his father?

Enough of the rant, I just get pissed when others use poison words to discredit and make others think badly of people, who have none nothing deserving of the harsh judgment they receive from outsiders who have no real clue of the truth regarding the person they have condemned..  Never will I treat anyone else the way I have been treated in this life.  Never will I judge people until I have a chance to talk to them one on one and can look into their eyes as we talk.  To some people that makes me a FOOL.  I WOULD RATHER BE A FOOL AND BE FAIR MINDED TOWARD ALL PEOPLE, THEN TO BE A PERSON WHO JUDGES PEOPLE BASED ON GOSSIP AND LIES.  WHO REFUSES TO GIVE THE PERSON A CHANCE TO SPEAK TO YOU BEFORE MAKING A FINAL DECISION ABOUT THEM.

I don’t care if that person is a Progressive and you are a Conservative, treat them fair and honest.  I don’t care if you are a Progressive and the other person is a Conservative, don’t judge until you talk to them one on one before making a final judgment about that person.  I don’t care if one is a Democrat and the other Republican have the courage to face them and ask them yourself what the questions are that you have and not just gossip and lie about them and continue to play the game ‘ telephone’ about that person.  Yes, people might think you are a ” fool” too, but wouldn’t you rather be a fool for being fair and honorable in your dealings with others, then jumping on the hate and attack band wagon about people you don’t know the inside and true story about; and finding out years later you were wrong about that person and how you treated that person?


The people that were arrested on the 13 Feb 2013 did what they did for LOVE..  

They didn’t do what they did, as I have read some comments, just because they wanted to get or keep their name in the press, like they are some media whore.  If you really believe that LIE, then chances are you are never going to be willing to see the truth about this person and you will continue to find any excuse to bad mouth this person and spew your hate.

Is it so hard to understand that someone could fight for environmental issues because of LOVE?

You White Nationalists say you fight for White Nationalism because of LOVE.  I have heard David Duke say he fights to save the WHITE RACE BECAUSE OF LOVE.  So why is it so hard to understand how someone could fight against the building a pipe line because of their love for the environment and valid fears of environmental disaster occuring?

It doesn’t matter what Political View or Party one belongs to, we all have one thing in common as human beings and that is love for children and wanting them to have a good future. The people who were arrested for protesting this pipe line, love their children and feel that for their future that they have to fight and even be arrested if they must, so that hopefully wise decisions will be made, that will be more environmentally friendly…

You say you love your children and you are fighting for the future of White Children, yet, if you are living in an world that is a hell hole because of Climate Change and the polution, but is all White, have you really given them a good future?

I know I am not explaining this very well. I just get so tired of the HATE spewed by the Right Wing….

No, I am not a Progressive. So before I am attacked as a Liberal/Progressive, know that I am a Conservative. I am not a Republican anymore, but no party perference. I believe I am more like a British Conservative then an American Conservative.

It was good to talk to my friend in Kansas. I am seriously thinking of going back to Kansas instead of Hawaii. It is so expensive in Hawaii and I just don’t ever seeing myself being able to buy a little cottage in the country like I can in Kansas and having a little income to live on. I have a chance to go to Texas and have a friend I can be roomates with in San Antono, but that too is a big city and I really like Kansas. Of course I love New England, but that too is really expensive… Kansas still is pretty inexpensive to live.



  1. 1
    chrisy58 Says:

    Made a memorial scrap book for my mother today.

    Watching King Arthur now.. Love this version…

  2. 2
    John Says:

    Trust me a lot of White Nationalists do care about the environment. It’s just a priorities thing. No sense in saving the environment if we all die/breed out anyway :S

  3. 3
    chrisy58 Says:

    Trust me a lot of White Nationalists do care about the environment. It’s just a priorities thing. No sense in saving the environment if we all die/breed out anyway ( John said)

    I do know it is getting better within the ranks of White Nationalism, of people caring about the environment. I had seen the difference between what it was like when I first got involved and when I left in 2006. Come Sept 2013 it will be 7 years since I woke up from the spell I was under, lol.

    May I ask you a question John?

    What is the biggest threat to man? If you like you can answer from the perspective of only Whites. When I use the term man, it refers to all humans.

    Is Climate Change and having to live on a planet that is being changed and could reach a point of changing to an earth that it is going to be a struggle to survive less of a crisis then the thought that there is White genocide happening and that Whites are being murdered daily by Non Whites who hate us and want to destroy our race?

    To me Climate Change is more of a threat to mankind.

    I am not a science wiz, but I don’t think one has to be, in order to see that Climate change is real… I see it when I spend time outside. I see it when that weather patterns are chaning. In Kansas climate change is effecting them by not giving them the snow in the Winter that they depend on to help with the crops. The farmers are really hurting there, as the weather patterns that they depend on is changing. They aren’t getting the moisture they used to get. Kansas could become a dust bowl again to climate change.

    America and the world depend on the farmers of Kansas and the midwest to help feed the world.. So if because of climate change changing the weather patterns and they aren’t getting the moisture needed to grow their crops, that does effect mankind. Kansas WHEAT is very IMPORTANT to the FEEDING of PEOPLE, including White people.

    Climate change is real and it is happening very quickly.

    White genocide is not happening at a quick rate, if at all. Yes, the birth rate is falling for Whites and other races too. In 100 years there won’t be as many Whites on the planet, but if we do nothing to try and reverse climate change then 100 years from now, no human being let alone White people will be living on the earth that substained life. We will be a wasteland by then.

    so to me, of the two causes, fighting climate change is more urgent then fighting the low birth rate among WHITES.

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