Happy Valentines Day


I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Valentines day.  May your day be filled with love.

Have my survior’s group today. 

Would like to say how proud I am of the people who were able to go to DC and be arrested because they believe in their Cause, of stopping the pipeline from being built.  They are leading by example and not just words.  They all showed courage in standing up for what they believe.. Their actions speak louder then their words.


since it is Valentines day I will play some Michael Bolton’s love songs.


The Center of my heart

Those two songs are for my Valentine.   My valentine goes out to an old friend who I love uncondtionally as my friend.  I pray that there will be a real and lasting peace between us.

I can’t think of a better day then Valentines day to forgive each other and move forward in peace and join forces to fight evil in the world.  Together we would be a very powerful force for good in the world…

We all have a destiny.  Every single one of us has a destiny we were born for.  Mine seems to be fighting against evil in the world, like child sexual abuse and white nationalism.

If you read this my old friend in MA, please find it in your heart to talk to me.  I need to talk to you about things that are important.  White Nationalism is important and I need to know your thoughts on what is the best way to proceed.  To me you are smart and can guide me on what the best path to take in regards to me telling what I know.  My knowledge can be helpful.

You can also help me with the issue of child sexual abuse and be our voice to the world on that issue too.  1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys in the United States are the victim of child sexual abuse.  We didn’t even have child abuse laws in this nation until 1973.. That is a disgrace.

Someone has to care enough to join the fight against this evil.

I believe in you my friend and I believe working together we could overcome the darkness and shine the light of truth and make a difference for good in this world.  Please come out of retirment and join the fight.  Let us lead by example!!! 

I love you forever my friend and always will.  There isn’t anything you have done or could ever do, that will change my feelings of uncondtional love for you as my friend……

Happy Valentines Day J.

Hello again


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