13 Feb 2013


Good morning.  Hope everyone has a great day.

Last night as I was walking Benji, we ran into Lucky, one of Benji’s good doggie friends, so we walked together.  We met a new dog that was very nice.  We the owners started talking the the lady was from CT.  Both Glen and I lived in MA.  He in Amherst and I in Scituate/Marshfield.

I know the people from MN have a club just for people from MN.  If we were to start a club just for people who lived in New England, we would have three members right there. I know another man in the villas is also from the Boston area.  We could go out to eat once a month..  I am not staying here, so I am not the one to start it..

Why should MN and MI be the ones with the clubs just for people who live or lived in those states.  New England should be represented too, don’t you think?

I miss New England so much.  Must take a trip back there and visit the family graves in Lynn, plus go to Marshfield and face my ghosts and move pass the pain and hurt that I endured while living there. 

My heart has always been in New England and I fear it always will be.  I need to go home and spend some time there and let go of the past memories that I need to let go of so I can move on.  That is part of the healing process.  The same way, going to talk to my half brother in FL is part of the healing process.

They say that one shouldn’t make any big moves the first 6 months after someone dies.. I agree with that.  As you are still in shock and adjusting…  My heart says to stay in AZ for now and finish up with the therapy program I am in.  Who is to say that in Hawaii, I will have the same chemistry as I do with the people here who understand me and for the first time am being helped…  Don’t want to rock the boat.

I need to find out what is best for me and then do it…. Right now, I think it is staying and working the program I am working for the PTSD.  I am starting the enpowerment group in a couple of weeks.  Was going to start today, but I have to miss next week, so will start it then, as it is important I don’t miss.

This weekend they are having a very important event in Washington DC regarding Climate change.  I know my White Nationalist and many Conservatives do not believe it is real, but just a ploy by the Prgressives to put agenda 21 into play.

I believe Climate change is real.  Don’t know all the causes, because after all I am not a science wiz and can pin point the exact cause.  I think a part of the cause is natural.. Do we man have a role in the change? Maybe a small role, because we aren’t living in such a way as to respect nature more.  We have the mindset as humans that the oceans are big so it doesn’t matter what we put into them.. Yet, as we know, it does matter…


The date on this site is 17 Feb, but I have another site that says today 13 Feb.  Maybe it is from now until Sunday….

I admire and respect people who lead by example.  We have to many people who just lead by words and only talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.  Having the courage and honor to stand up and do what one must do is very rare in today’s world. 

White Nationalists used to make fun of me when I would post about Environmental things and climate change and fighting to save the polar bears.  I got critized for not posting White Nationalist topics like how evil the Jews are, lol.

Though to me Climate Change is a real threat and how the evil Jews are trying to destroy the WHITE RACE is not REALITY but LIVING IN LA LA LAND.

White Nationalists are starting to wake up to the environment and are seeing it is in their best interest to fight for a clean environment and other cleaner ways to produce the energy needed to live in the 21st century. 

I am glad to see they are starting to look at things from this perspective because I think the only way that we will make a lasting change is for every human being on the planet being aware of the facts and start the process of switching from oil and coal to sun, wind, and other forms of substainable energy sources.

It doesn’t excuse White Nationalists and their political views and I feel I must continue to try and talk to my old friend about them and see what he thinks is the best way for me to proceed in shining the light of truth on their darkness of lies.

I have always believed in leading by example and always will try and lead women and children by my example.  I am a woman, and we women don’t lead men.  I lead women and children.

That is why I started my blog journal to help women and children see the truth about White Nationalism and finally leave.  To be willing to tell what they know so that WN will not be allowed to turn their vision into a Political reality.  To get the help for the PTSD if they were abused like I and many other women and children are.

I believe we can have more then one duty and moral imperative we have to stand up and do in this life time.

For me fighting White Nationalism and Child sexual abuse is just as important as fighting against Climate Change and seeking to educate Americans to the truth that Climate Change is real…

I applaud everyone who is able to go this weekend and be part of this important event.


Start the day with some Stones.

Let us not be afraid to stand up and fight for what we know in our hearts is the right thing.



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